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1. Jack O'Connell Jack O'Connell Actor, 300: Rise of an Empire
2. Lauren Socha Lauren Socha Actress, Episode #1.3 Lauren Socha was born on June 9, 1990 in Derby. She is an actress best known for her role in Misfits (2009). Her parents Robert Socha and Kathleen Lyons are Jewish, her grandparents immigrated from Poland during World War 2. In 2010 Socha starred alongside Tim McInnerny in the short film Missing. She also had a minor role in the television mini-series Five Daughters.
3. Michael Socha Michael Socha Actor, This Is England Michael Socha was born on December 13, 1987 in Derby. He is an actor best known for his role as Tom in Being Human (2008). His parents Robert Socha and Kathleen Lyons are Jewish, his grandparents immigrated from Poland during World War 2. Socha was a rebellious pupil who often skipped school. At the age of 11 Michael unsuccessfully auditioned for the lead role in a school musical play...
4. Diane Fletcher Diane Fletcher Actress, A.I. Artificial Intelligence
5. Rosamund Hanson Rosamund Hanson Actress, This Is England Rosamund Hanson (daughter of clothes designer Daniel Hanson) was born in Derby. She attended 'The Television Workshop' and grew up with her parents in their family home in Nottingham. In 2005 she starred in her first major film role 'This is England' which picked up a number of awards across the globe...
6. Julia Watson Julia Watson Actress, Through an Unknown Land
7. Leslie Banks Leslie Banks Actor, The Man Who Knew Too Much
8. Gwen Taylor Gwen Taylor Actress, Life of Brian
9. Robyn Addison Robyn Addison Actress, Episode #1.6
10. Louis Greatorex Louis Greatorex Actor, Episode #1.3
11. David Dixon David Dixon Actor, Escort Girls
12. Lewis James Lewis James Producer, The Last Seven Lewis James is a British producer, actor, composer and musician. He was born in Derby on the 15th January 1984 and grew up with a strong passion for music, drama and Film. He studied Drama & Music and after leaving education he spent his late teens/early 20's as a performer and session musician in various bands...
13. Patric Doonan Patric Doonan Actor, The Man in the White Suit
14. Frank Conroy Frank Conroy Actor, The Naked City
15. Danielle Watson Danielle Watson Actress, This Is England
16. James Burrows James Burrows Actor, Eden Lake
17. Stuart Orme Stuart Orme Director, The Puppet Masters
18. Kevin Lloyd Kevin Lloyd Actor, Link Short, stocky, balding character actor who found fame on British TV in The Bill but became an alcoholic and died in a clinic attempting to dry out less than a week after being dismissed from the series. He had 8 children, one adopted and another who died while still a baby. Did a lot of UK stage work in the 1970s including "What The Butler Saw" by Joe Orton.
19. Jane Rossington Jane Rossington Actress, Episode #1.3831
20. Ian Lindsay Ian Lindsay Actor, Horatio Hornblower: The Wrong War
21. Walter Fitzgerald Walter Fitzgerald Actor, Treasure Island
22. Joan Rice Joan Rice Actress, His Majesty O'Keefe Pert, dark-haired leading lady in 50's UK films.
23. Debbie Shore Debbie Shore Self, From ATVLand in Colour
24. Keiran Lee Keiran Lee Actor, Just Jenna Keiran Lee is arguably one the most popular English performers in the adult entertainment business today. He was born January 15, 1984 in Derby, England. Since 2007, Keiran has appeared before cameras, presenting a variety of talent and versatility. The 6-foot porn stud, with a visible English accent...
25. Norman Vaughan Norman Vaughan Self, Episode #3.10
26. Rex Robinson Rex Robinson Actor, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
27. Sue Gibson Sue Gibson Cinematographer, The Forsyte Saga
28. John Dexter John Dexter Miscellaneous Crew, Othello
29. Bill Carter Bill Carter Actor, Il pianeta degli uomini spenti
30. Drina Pavlovic Drina Pavlovic Actress, The Big Sleep
31. Rachel Curtis Rachel Curtis Miscellaneous Crew, Silent Hill: Origins Rachel Curtis was born on January 24, 1986 in the city of Derby, United Kingdom. She is the youngest daughter of Richard Curtis. Rachel Curtis is a model/actress. She grew up in Beverly Hills, California and Fairfield, Connecticut. In 2008, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature...
32. Simon Groom Simon Groom Self, Episode #1.1613
33. Eve Mortimer Eve Mortimer Actress, Escape to Bleakridge
34. David T. Bamberg David T. Bamberg Actor, Asesinato en los estudios David T. Bamberg was born in 1904 in Derby, England as David Tobias Bamberg Pool. He was a magician (Fu Manchu, as his father Okito)an actor and writer, known for Asesinato en los estudios (1946), El museo del crimen (1945) and La casa embrujada (1949). He died on August 19, 1974 in Bernal, Argentina.
35. Judith Hann Judith Hann Self, Episode #1.1
36. Ted Moult Ted Moult Self, Episode #3.18
37. John Wetton John Wetton Soundtrack, The 40-Year-Old Virgin
38. Chris Barton Chris Barton Special Effects, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
39. Luke Gomes Luke Gomes Stunts, Jack Falls
40. Trevor East Trevor East Self, Tiswas
41. Gavin Claxton Gavin Claxton Director, The All Together
42. John Dobson John Dobson Actor, Don Carlo
43. Ronald Binge Ronald Binge Soundtrack, Children of Men Born into a poor family in Derby in 1910, Ronald Binge had to learn music the hard way. After his father, an iron moulder by trade, died from injuries sustained in WW1, the family had no money to spare for music lessons and Ronald had to teach himself, with help from a local choirmaster. His film music career began in 1927 when he joined the orchestra of the tiny Cosmo Cinema in Derby...
44. Milan Dmitrovic Milan Dmitrovic Actor, The Zero Sum
45. Ian Shand Ian Shand Actor, The Grandeur That Was Rome
46. Guy Barker Guy Barker Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Calendar Girls
47. Patricia Greene Patricia Greene Actress, Who Will Buy?
48. Kelli Young Kelli Young Self, All-Time Greatest Party Songs
49. Nan Marriott-Watson Nan Marriott-Watson Actress, The Speckled Band
50. Jim Roddan Jim Roddan Sound Department, The Saint
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