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1. Colin Egglesfield Colin Egglesfield Actor, Something Borrowed Colin Egglesfield (born February 9, 1973) is an American actor. He is known for his roles as "Josh Madden" in the long-running soap opera, All My Children, "Auggie Kirkpatrick" on The CW's short-lived drama series, Melrose Place, and "Evan Parks" on The Client List. He was born in Farmington Hills...
2. Garrett Clayton Garrett Clayton Actor, Hairspray Live!
3. David Burtka David Burtka Actor, A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas
4. Johnny Pacar Johnny Pacar Actor, Make It or Break It Johnny Pacar was born in Dearborn, Michigan. He grew up an avid hockey player, who always dreamed of one day playing in the NHL. However, Johnny's hockey career was put on hold after he was discovered while performing in his high school's theater productions. Johnny received great feedback for his acting talents and was encouraged to move to Los Angeles...
5. Joey Gaydos Jr. Joey Gaydos Jr. Actor, School of Rock Joey was born on April 18, 1991. He started playing guitar at the age of 3, but did not get in touch with it until about 8 years old or so. In 2002, he attended a weeklong camp in Ann Arbor, Michigan called Dayjams. He had made a music video with his bandmates and after a representative viewed the movie...
6. Dave Florek Dave Florek Actor, Priest
7. Bob Seger Bob Seger Soundtrack, Forrest Gump
8. Don Matheson Don Matheson Actor, General Hospital
9. James Westmoreland James Westmoreland Actor, General Hospital
10. Dean Sheremet Dean Sheremet Actor, Not Another Teen Movie
11. Suzanne Sena Suzanne Sena Actress, Lakeshore Drive From a young age, Suzanne (then Woronchak) displayed a talent for performing, landing leads in school plays and musicals, and placing in state-wide interpretive reading competitions in her home state of Michigan. After obtaining a BA in Communication from Michigan State University, she moved to Albuquerque...
12. Henry Ford Henry Ford Self, Til Vesterheimen
13. Nate Witty Nate Witty Actor, Awaken the Dead
14. Eugenia Paul Eugenia Paul Actress, The Disembodied
15. Rebecca Green Rebecca Green Producer, It Follows
16. Art James Art James Self, The Match Game
17. Martin P. Robinson Martin P. Robinson Actor, Sesame Street
18. Ian Stanley Ian Stanley Actor, The Meanest Man in Texas
19. Chantel Dubay Chantel Dubay Self, The Price Is Right
20. Brenton Duplessie Brenton Duplessie Actor, Privacy Brenton Duplessie had a true Mid-West up bringing, being born in Dearborn, Michigan, and raised in Elyria, Ohio. Before he became an Actor, he was restoring and painting classic cars at an auto body shop, and spent his free time amateur body building. Graduating as a National Honors Society member, he followed up at the local community college pursuing Photography...
21. Brandon Vivian Brandon Vivian Editor, Spectral Trip
22. Nathan Cramton Nathan Cramton Editorial Department, Pretty Little Liars Nathan Cramton was born in Dearborn, Michigan on May 28, 1986. He is the eldest of Faye and Kevin Cramton's four children. His siblings are named John (Jack), Claire and Rose. Nathan grew up in Paris, London and suburban Detroit. He graduated with a degree in Screen Arts and Cultures from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in the Spring of 2008.
23. John J. Lloyd John J. Lloyd Art Director, Alfred Hitchcock Presents
24. Lauren Fix Lauren Fix Writer, The Car Coach
25. Tim Wrobel Tim Wrobel Actor, Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen Tim was born in the northern reaches of our globe; a frozen place the natives refer to as "Michigan." It was there he was bitten by the drama bug during his early high school years. Even while serving a decades in the US Army, he continued working in local theaters all over the world. After leaving...
26. Patrick Garner Patrick Garner Actor, In & Out
27. Ralph Archbold Ralph Archbold Actor, For All Mankind Ralph Archbold is the "official" 20-21st Century Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia. Coincidentally, this talented actor shares a January 17 birthday with Benjamin Franklin! In the past 35 years, he has portrayed Ben Franklin more than 7000 times at political events as well as community events. He also delights in teaching both young and old...
28. Sasha Brabuster Sasha Brabuster Actress, Tittylicious
29. Ciji Thornton Ciji Thornton Actress, WCG Ultimate Gamer
30. James Chahine James Chahine Actor, Captain America: The First Avenger The son of Cuban-American parents, James Chahine was destined to enter the world of Film/Television when he began reciting lines from his favorite movies by the time he was four years old. Almost immediately upon entering elementary school he was recognized as a regular fixture in nearly every play...
31. Peter Stoyanovich Peter Stoyanovich Self, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
32. Grace Costello Grace Costello Actress, Johnny Doughboy
33. Marlon Parry Marlon Parry Producer, Karla
34. Rose Cobain Rose Cobain Miscellaneous Crew, Easy Rose Cobain was born Beth Berger and changed her name to August Elizabeth Thomas when she aspired to work in the film industry from a young age. She has authored ten feature length screenplays. In 2013 she discovered the man she's loved her whole life -- famous grunge icon Kurt Cobain had been secretly writing songs about her since the young age of 24...
35. Jeffrey Green Jeffrey Green Actor, Shelter Jeffrey Green was born in Dearborn, Michigan. He moved to Clarkston, Michigan at the age of 1 where he was raised. His father, Rondal Green, is a retired Factory Lineman for Ford Motor Company and his mother, Catherine Green, also retired, was a Customer Service Phone Operator for Ameritech, now merged with AT&T. He has an older brother...
36. Susie Pilzninski Susie Pilzninski Miscellaneous Crew, Due Date
37. Deanna Dys Deanna Dys Miscellaneous Crew, Little Manhattan
38. Derek Lowe Derek Lowe Self, History Rings True: Red Sox Opening Day Ring Ceremony
39. John F. Kerr John F. Kerr Producer, Arbor Daze John started off by directing, producing, and "acting" in a sketch comedy show called Loose Change TV for a local public access channel back in 1996 along with co-creator Dan Corrigan. Loose Change TV is still going strong today. It has been aired on multiple Public Access channels across the U.S.,...
40. David J. Ulloa David J. Ulloa Director, Touched by a Shark David Ulloa is the president and owner of Valeo Films Inc. (VFI). As a technical diver and underwater expedition cameraman, David's passion for his work and his continued outstanding performance as an Underwater Camera Operator, AD, UPM, Line Producer, Writer, Director and Producer have earned him the respect of his colleagues as well as the industry at large...
41. Richard Schimmelpfenneg Richard Schimmelpfenneg Actor, Nobody Looks Up Born 2 Dec, 1968 in Dearborn, Michigan. The third of four siblings, Rick grew up in Michigan's Sterling Heights and, attended Henry Ford II High School. From an athletic family, he developed a love for the game of hockey at the early age of 6. Graced with natural agility, Rick grew up competitive in this sport...
42. Abe R. Rated Abe R. Rated Director, Woggie
43. Mary Russell Mary Russell Director, The Man Who Loved
44. Sarah Barkoff Sarah Barkoff Actress, Hellmaster
45. Ryan Hartigan Ryan Hartigan Actor, Whole New Thing
46. Kenneth Guertin Kenneth Guertin Editor, Antisocial Behavior
47. Richard Cline Cunningham Richard Cline Cunningham Actor, Dinner for Two
48. John C. Kornblum John C. Kornblum Self, Busting the Berlin Wall: Amazing Escape Stories
49. Nathan Tatterson Nathan Tatterson Miscellaneous Crew, George Lopez
50. Scott Sanderson Scott Sanderson Self, 1990 World Series
1-50 of 75 names.