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1. Bob Ross Bob Ross Self, The Joy of Painting
2. Kevin Bernhardt Kevin Bernhardt Writer, Smart Chase: Fire & Earth 20+ screenplays produced with actors Stallone, Snipes, Bacon, Sutherland, Swayze & Rock. Assignments with directors Shekhar Kapur (Elizabeth), Andrew Davis (Fugitive), William Friedkin (Exorcist), Brad Anderson (The Call), John Hillcoat (Lawless), Renny Harlin (Driven), Mimi Leder (Deep Impact), Sylvester Stallone (Rocky)...
3. Artie Ahr Artie Ahr Actor, Listening
4. Justin Nesbitt Justin Nesbitt Producer, Across the Line: The Exodus of Charlie Wright A rising star both in front of the camera and behind the scenes, Actor/Producer, Justin Nesbitt is becoming one of the most versatile talents in Hollywood. Growing up in Maryland as the son of a minister, some of Justin's fondest memories are of family trips to the movies and subsequent quality time spent analyzing the films with his father...
5. Blake Mitchell Blake Mitchell Actress, Penetrator 2: Grudge Day
6. Jason Rosen Jason Rosen Actor, Pete the Pilot
7. John W. Houghtaling John W. Houghtaling Actor, Broken City John Houghtaling is a nationally recognized attorney, entrepreneur, TV personality, and actor. Houghtaling's career was featured in an hour long episode of CNN's Inside Man with Morgan Spurlock on the American Dream: Income Inequality. A managing partner of the Gauthier, Houghtaling & Williams Law Firm...
8. Dekker Dreyer Dekker Dreyer Director, Bandwidth Born in Daytona Beach Florida in 1980, Dekker Dreyer moved through much of his early life. He lived in New York City, Cape Code and on the road with his mother and father, who were at the time traveling puppeteers. Dekker's pen and ink artwork were displayed at both the "Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences" as well as Jacksonville...
9. Tiffany Summers Tiffany Summers Actress, Blowjob Ninjas 5
10. Robert Ian Evans Robert Ian Evans Actor, The Social Network Robert Ian Evans was born on June 30, 1987 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Bob, as he was known, grew up in the neighboring city of Port Orange. It was obvious from an early age that he possessed a natural, God-given talent for entertainment and making people laugh...and it became his dream. From a very...
11. Niki Flacks Niki Flacks Actress, One Life to Live
12. Christi Wolf Christi Wolf Actress, WCW Starrcade
13. Vince Carter Vince Carter Self, Like Mike
14. Kitty Patterson Kitty Patterson Actress, Babysitter
15. Zack Thomas Zack Thomas Actor, Latex
16. Jeff Blake Jeff Blake Self, Super Bowl XXXIX
17. Bob Wright Bob Wright Soundtrack, Raging Bull
18. Ryan Tramont Ryan Tramont Actor, The Hurt Locker
19. Patricia Anne Fox Patricia Anne Fox Actress, Waiting to Exhale
20. Bruce McNorton Bruce McNorton Self, NFL Monday Night Football
21. Clayton Claridy Clayton Claridy Actor, Open Mike Night Clayton Gee Claridy is a born again Christian. He was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, to the proud parents of Frank and Cleoletta Claridy. He grew up in Dallas, Texas. He graduated from Skyline High School in Dallas, Texas in 1988. He played football for one season at East Texas State University, in Commerce...
22. Bob Milby Jr. Bob Milby Jr. Editor, The Metro Chase
23. Eric Ernst Eric Ernst Miscellaneous Crew, Cougar Town
24. Ed Charles Ed Charles Self, 1969 World Series
25. Lee Hamilton Lee Hamilton Self, CBS News Special Report: Iraq Study Group News Conference
26. David B. Mooney David B. Mooney Editorial Department, American Experience
27. Julie Sheltra Julie Sheltra Actress, Flashback
28. Scott Martin Scott Martin Miscellaneous Crew, Fear Factor
29. Aaron Louis Tordini Aaron Louis Tordini Writer, Things That Hang from Trees Aaron Louis Tordini, pen name T.A. Louis, was born June 21st, 1971 in Daytona Beach, Florida, to parents Ray and Joy Tordini. He is the author of a number of books including the Southern Gothic novella, Things That Hang From Trees and the screenplay for the Aviles Street Productions adaptation. Upcoming works include the novel...
30. Brenard Wilson Brenard Wilson Self, Super Bowl XV
31. T.K. Wetherell T.K. Wetherell Self, Head Coach
32. Hank Mizell Hank Mizell Soundtrack, I'll Be There
33. Martin Mayhew Martin Mayhew Self, Super Bowl XXVI
34. Xavier Lee Xavier Lee Self, One Heartbeat: Bobby Bowden and the Florida State Seminoles
34 names.