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1. Karlheinz Böhm Karlheinz Böhm Actor, Peeping Tom The son of conductor Karl Böhm began his acting career on stage in Germany. In Europe, he is still best known for his role in the Sissi series, although he later starred in several movies of cult director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. After 1981, he was exclusively involved in charitable work in Ethiopia.
2. Hans Christian Blech Hans Christian Blech Actor, The Longest Day
3. Paul Frielinghaus Paul Frielinghaus Actor, Ein Fall für zwei
4. Günter Strack Günter Strack Actor, Torn Curtain
5. Jürgen Zartmann Jürgen Zartmann Actor, Verbotene Liebe
6. Hal Rockland Hal Rockland Actor, Flashpoint
7. Tsarina Alexandra Tsarina Alexandra Self, Scene from the Coronation of the Czar of Russia Alix of Hess-Darmstadt was born on June 8, 1872 in Darmstadt, Germany. Her parents were the Grand Duke and Duchess of Darmstadt; her mother was also the daughter of Queen Victoria. When Alix was still very young, her sister Mary and then her mother died of diphtheria. Also, her brother Frederick (1870-1873) died from a fall from a window in his mother's room...
8. Andreas Helgi Schmid Andreas Helgi Schmid Actor, All You Need is Love: Meine Schwiegertochter ist ein Mann
9. Sven-Eric Bechtolf Sven-Eric Bechtolf Actor, Angst hat eine kalte Hand
10. Lola Müthel Lola Müthel Actress, From the Life of the Marionettes
11. Jochen Hick Jochen Hick Producer, Ich kenn keinen - Allein unter Heteros
12. Shane Rockland Shane Rockland Self, Three Brothers
13. Karl Wolff Karl Wolff Self, The Final Solution Karl Wolff was born in 1900 to a privileged family in the city of Darmstadt, Germany. During the First World War, Wolff was commissioned an officer in 1918 and served in the Hessian Infantry Regiment. Lieutenant Wolff was one of the youngest officers ever commissioned, having received his rank at the age of 17...
14. Michael Kreindl Michael Kreindl Director, Ein Fall für zwei
15. Gabriele Wohmann Gabriele Wohmann Writer, Große Liebe
16. Heinz-Werner Kraehkamp Heinz-Werner Kraehkamp Actor, Abschnitt 40
17. Jan Lehmann Jan Lehmann Actor, Die Unbekannte Jan Lehmann was born on 17 December 1979 as the son of Heinz-Guenther Lehmann and Inge-Anna-Maria Lehmann. He spent his first 12 years in a city named Reinheim and visited the Elementary School there. At this young age he started to become interested in Movies and acted in a play in School. After his grandfather died his family moved to Fraenkisch-Crumbach...
18. Minh-Khai Phan-Thi Minh-Khai Phan-Thi Actress, Planet der Kannibalen
19. Connie Walter Connie Walter Director, Wie Feuer und Flamme After finishing school Connie Walter studied sociology and Spanish at the University of Marburg, Germany. She started out in the media biz as assistant to an advertising photographer. After graduating from the German Film and TV Academy in Berlin, Walter was very successful with her first feature-length TV movie: Das erste Mal...
20. Kasimir Edschmid Kasimir Edschmid Writer, Eine deutsche Revolution
21. Sebastian Edschmid Sebastian Edschmid Cinematographer, Black Death
22. Gunnar Fuss Gunnar Fuss Cinematographer, Stauffenberg
23. Georg Lehn Georg Lehn Actor, Der plötzliche Reichtum der armen Leute von Kombach
24. Florian Koerner von Gustorf Florian Koerner von Gustorf Producer, Phoenix
25. Wilfried Seyferth Wilfried Seyferth Actor, Decision Before Dawn
26. Erika Köth Erika Köth Actress, Der Barbier von Sevilla
27. Helmut Markwort Helmut Markwort Self, Der Sonntags-Stammtisch
28. Auguste Prasch-Grevenberg Auguste Prasch-Grevenberg Actress, Die Aßmanns
29. Konstantin Schirk Konstantin Schirk Production Manager, Über Kreuz
30. Julian R. Wagner Julian R. Wagner Production Designer, Kurnaz - Fünf Jahre Leben Julian R. Wagner started his career in Munich as an assistant photographer for fashion and beauty before he moved to Italy where he studied design at the Free University of Bolzano. After graduating he worked as a freelancer in several fields of design, film and photography. During his studies in the production design class at the Filmacademy of Baden-Württemberg...
31. Annemarie Heinrich Annemarie Heinrich Self, Biography
32. Hans Herbert von Arnim Hans Herbert von Arnim Self, Günther Jauch
33. Sascha Nathan Sascha Nathan Actor, Mittlere Reife
34. Jochen Diestelmann Jochen Diestelmann Actor, Hänsel und Gretel
35. Alfred Filbert Alfred Filbert Self, Notre nazi
36. Petra Maria Grühn Petra Maria Grühn Actress, The Woman Across the Way
37. Leonie Brandis Leonie Brandis Actress, 1. Mai
38. Fred Denger Fred Denger Writer, The Oil Prince
39. Michael Spreng Michael Spreng Self, Presseclub
40. Herbert Weicker Herbert Weicker Actor, Confessions of Felix Krull
41. Rainer Witt Rainer Witt Cinematographer, Gaststuben in Hessen
42. Robert Stromberger Robert Stromberger Writer, Diese Drombuschs
43. Jean Kurt Forest Jean Kurt Forest Composer, Look at this City
44. Martha Ziegler Martha Ziegler Actress, Ins Grab kann man nichts mitnehmen
45. Manfred Spitzer Manfred Spitzer Self, Geist & Gehirn
46. Helga Cranston Helga Cranston Editor, Hamlet Cranston was born Helga May, to a Jewish painter and composer in Darmstadt, Germany. At the age of 18 she emigrated to England to escape the Nazis. After editing films with Lawrence Oliver, Otto Preminger and others in London, she immigrated to Israel in 1958, with the aim of developing a film industry there...
47. Georg Hensel Georg Hensel Writer, Instinkt ist alles
48. Christopher M. Peckham Christopher M. Peckham Director, Contrasehen.de
49. Ivar Leon Menger Ivar Leon Menger Writer, Geteiltes Leid
50. Lydia Schamschula Lydia Schamschula Actress, Einfach Rosa: Die Hochzeitsplanerin
1-50 of 71 names.