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1. Marin Hinkle Marin Hinkle Actress, Two and a Half Men Marin's parents met while serving in the Peace Corps. She was born in Tanzania, but her family moved to Boston, Massachusetts, when she was four months old. Two years later, her brother Mark was born. Her father, Rodney, is a retired school teacher. Her mother, Margaret, is a judge of the Massachusetts Superior Court...
2. Elizabeth Michael Kimemeta Elizabeth Michael Kimemeta Composer, The Profit
3. Maria Wasti Maria Wasti Actress, Survival of a Woman
4. Rajika Puri Rajika Puri Actress, Learning to Drive
5. Raimund Schelcher Raimund Schelcher Actor, Das Lied der Matrosen
6. Alkarim Jivani Alkarim Jivani Self, Freddie Mercury: Magic Remixed
7. Mohamed Husen Mohamed Husen Actor, Carl Peters Bayume Muhammed Hussein was born on February 22nd, 1904 in Dar es Salaam (now Tanzania), the son of an Askari soldier in the German "Schutztruppe". Working as a clerk from the age of ten, he served in the German colonial forces in World War I. He was severely wounded and spent some time in a POW camp in Nairobi...
8. Eleanor Mendes Eleanor Mendes Miscellaneous Crew, Kick-Ass
9. John Gower John Gower Actor, Evita
10. Slaven Zecevic Slaven Zecevic Editor, Koko i duhovi
11. Nadia Owusu Nadia Owusu Actress, Games People Play: New York
11 names.