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1. Heike Makatsch Heike Makatsch Actress, Love Actually Born on 13 August 1971 in Düsseldorf, Germany, as the daughter of former German national ice hockey keeper Rainer Makatsch. After studying politics and sociology at the University of Düsseldorf for two years and an apprenticeship as dressmaker, she was hired by newborn TV music channel VIVA in 1993 and hosted popular shows such as Interaktiv...
2. Elisabeth Röhm Elisabeth Röhm Actress, American Hustle Elisabeth Röhm was born in Düsseldorf, Germany, to American writer Lisa Loverde, and Eberhard Röhm, a German-born partner at the law firm of Duane Morris LLP New York. They relocated to New York City, near Elisabeth's first birthday. An equestrian enthusiast, Elisabeth began competing professionally at the age of 5...
3. Wim Wenders Wim Wenders Director, Wings of Desire Wim Wenders is an Oscar-nominated German filmmaker who was born Ernst Wilhelm Wenders on August 14, 1945 in Düsseldorf, which then was located in the British Occupation Zone of what became the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (Federal Republic of Germany, known colloquially as West Germany until reunification)...
4. Luise Rainer Luise Rainer Actress, The Great Ziegfeld Rainer returned to Holywood in the 1998 and 2013 Academy Awards ceremony honoring previous Oscar winners and in 2010 for the TCM Classic Film Festival. She was all smiles for the cameras, but her wounds had not healed. "I hated Hollywood," Rainer said in an interview in 2001. "That's why I turned my back on it." She had wanted to be Madame Currie...
5. Marie Bäumer Marie Bäumer Actress, Der Schuh des Manitu
6. John Ericson John Ericson Actor, General Hospital
7. Brother Theodore Brother Theodore Actor, The 'Burbs
8. Ava Lazar Ava Lazar Actress, Santa Barbara
9. Sebastian Münster Sebastian Münster Actor, Liegen lernen
10. Greta Schröder Greta Schröder Actress, Nosferatu
11. Michael Ohoven Michael Ohoven Producer, Capote
12. Alwin H. Küchler Alwin H. Küchler Cinematographer, Divergent
13. Angela Baron Angela Baron Actress, Robofox Angela Baron is a Teutonic blonde sexual powerhouse who was one of the first women to make the leap from European porn to Stateside hardcore. She's a tight-bodied lust bunny who hails originally from Dusseldorf, Germany, and has the accent to prove it. Angela started in the business with nicely rounded...
14. Ankie Beilke Ankie Beilke Actress, Wickie und die starken Männer
15. Tina Bordihn Tina Bordihn Actress, Forsthaus Falkenau
16. Doro Pesch Doro Pesch Self, Doro: 25 Years in Rock Doro Pesch is a female vocalist, formerly of the German band Warlock and one of the few female singers of the 1980s Heavy Metal scene, which was primarily a male-dominated genre of music. After Warlock underwent many personnel changes, Pesch was the only remaining original member of the band. After changing her record label...
17. Tim Bergmann Tim Bergmann Actor, Rommel
18. Corinna Kirchhoff Corinna Kirchhoff Actress, Die Besucher
19. Oliver Mommsen Oliver Mommsen Actor, Tatort
20. Helmut Käutner Helmut Käutner Director, The Captain from Köpenick
21. Rolf Berg Rolf Berg Actor, Die Anrheiner
22. Rita Lengyel Rita Lengyel Actress, Berlin Calling
23. Hans Georg Panczak Hans Georg Panczak Actor, Der Landarzt
24. Mirco Reseg Mirco Reseg Actor, König von Deutschland
25. Andreas Thiel Andreas Thiel Actor, Head-On
26. Berno Kürten Berno Kürten Director, Vertrauen ist alles
27. Raphaela Dell Raphaela Dell Actress, Verbotene Liebe
28. Christiane Imdahl Christiane Imdahl Actress, Slasher Christiane was born in 1985 and had an interest in film and music at a very early age. After her high school graduation, Christiane studied acting at a German film school in Cologne, Germany. After finishing at that school, she was cast as the lead in her first feature film, "Slasher". During that time, she was also busy working on new songs and adding sound to several audio books.
29. Dieter Brandecker Dieter Brandecker Actor, Adelheid und ihre Mörder
30. Antonis Remos Antonis Remos Self, The Voice of Greece
31. Inès Keerl Inès Keerl Writer, Schloss Einstein
32. Tanja Schmitz Tanja Schmitz Actress, Lindenstraße
33. Josef Baum Josef Baum Actor, Forsthaus Falkenau
34. Christian P. Doetsch Christian P. Doetsch Production Manager, Hinter Gittern - Der Frauenknast
35. Julia Beerhold Julia Beerhold Actress, Lindenstraße
36. Cecilia Kunz Cecilia Kunz Actress, Jagd auf den Plastiktüten-Mörder
37. Maria Radner Maria Radner Actress, Die Zauberflöte il Flauto Magico
38. Patrick von Faber-Castell Patrick von Faber-Castell Self, Jennifer Nitsch - Tod einer Schauspielerin
39. Peter Kotthaus Peter Kotthaus Actor, Verbotene Liebe
40. Jürgen Habermas Jürgen Habermas Self, Alle Gefühle glauben an einen glücklichen Ausgang - Über Alexander Kluge
41. Alexandra Helmig Alexandra Helmig Actress, Frech wie Janine
42. Stephan Harbort Stephan Harbort Self, Protokolle des Bösen
43. Andreas Coerper Andreas Coerper Art Department, Vergessen Sie's
44. Sabine Orléans Sabine Orléans Actress, Sun Alley
45. Inga Abel Inga Abel Actress, Lindenstraße
46. Georg Kleinebreil Georg Kleinebreil Music Department, SOKO Leipzig
47. Fabian Scheller Fabian Scheller Actor, ...denn böse Menschen kennen keine Lieder
48. Nina Kristin Nina Kristin Actress, Lucky Fritz
49. Bettina Blümner Bettina Blümner Director, Prinzessinnenbad
50. Jutta Brückner Jutta Brückner Writer, Hungerjahre - in einem reichen Land
1-50 of 99 names.