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1. Isabeli Fontana Isabeli Fontana Self, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Isabeli Fontana is a fashion model best known for her work as a Victoria's Secret lingerie model, her multiple appearances in the Pirelli calendar (2003, 2011,2012, 2013, 2015) and the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her appearance in a Victoria's Secret catalog at age sixteen was controversial due to Victoria's Secret stated policy of not using underage models...
2. Anderson Silva Anderson Silva Self, Like Water Anderson is a Brazilian mixed martial artist and former UFC Middleweight Champion. Silva was the UFC's longest reigning champion and also holds the longest winning and title defense streak in UFC history, with 16 consecutive wins and 10 title defenses, and is the consensus No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world according to ESPN...
3. Simone Spoladore Simone Spoladore Actress, Bela, a Feia
4. Fabiula Nascimento Fabiula Nascimento Actress, Avenida Brasil
5. Cris Cyborg Cris Cyborg Self, Fighters Only World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2009 A native of Curitiba, Brazil, Cristiane Justino Venancio was born in July 1985. Famous as Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos, she shares the nickname "Cyborg" with her former husband and fellow mixed martial artist Evangelista Santos. After their divorce years later, she would become Cristiane Justino. Known for her aggressiveness and size...
6. Marco Aurélio Engelmann Santos Marco Aurélio Engelmann Santos Visual Effects, Interstellar
7. Julian Bane Julian Bane Actor, Days of Our Lives Born in Brazil in 1967, Julian Bane arrived in the United States at the age of 11. His love for the arts started at an early age: first with comics and drawing superheroes for his school paper to shooting Star Wars action figures and styrofoam planets with a Super 8 camera, all the while building miniature sets and props...
8. Priscilla Sol Priscilla Sol Actress, Priscila: Pornochic 6
9. Luís Melo Luís Melo Actor, Eterna Magia
10. Annibal Requião Annibal Requião Director, Partida dos Caçadores do Tiro Rio Branco
11. Karol Conka Karol Conka Self, Rio 2016 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony
12. Maurício Shogun Maurício Shogun Actor, UFC 104: Machida vs. Shogun
13. Guilherme Weber Guilherme Weber Actor, Da Cor do Pecado
14. Marjorie Estiano Marjorie Estiano Actress, Duas Caras
15. Thaís Pacholek Thaís Pacholek Actress, Amor e Revolução
16. Alexandre Nero Alexandre Nero Actor, Paraíso
17. Wanderlei Silva Wanderlei Silva Self, UFC 84: Ill Will
18. Ary Fontoura Ary Fontoura Actor, A Favorita
19. Arthur Tuoto Arthur Tuoto Director, Morte de um Igual
20. Polliana Aleixo Polliana Aleixo Actress, Beleza Pura
21. Michelle Martins Michelle Martins Actress, The Clown
22. Guta Stresser Guta Stresser Actress, A Grande Família
23. Herson Capri Herson Capri Actor, Como uma Onda
24. Alexandre Slavieiro Alexandre Slavieiro Actor, Caras & Bocas
25. JP Garcia JP Garcia Cinematographer, Mast Qalandar JP Garcia is a Brazilian cinematographer working in Europe. He studied advertising at ESPM in Brazil, before moving into the Brazilian advertising industry as an art director. He worked in that capacity for 6 years before focusing on cinematography and moving to New York to work freelance. He is now based in the UK.
26. Dênis Derkian Dênis Derkian Actor, Eternidade
27. Marco Zimprich Marco Zimprich Cinematographer, Schlawiner
28. Dinho Ouro Preto Dinho Ouro Preto Self, SuperStar
29. Virginia W. Moraes Virginia W. Moraes Producer, Cafundó Virginia W. Moraes is from Curitiba, in the state of Parana, Brazil. In 1988, with R. A. Gennaro, she created Laz Audiovisual Ltda. Since then, as an executive producer, she has specialized in putting together and analyzing projects. With broad experience in cultural planning and marketing, Virginia has worked with several artists and companies in the fields of cinema and video...
30. Isadora Ribeiro Isadora Ribeiro Actress, Uma Rosa com Amor
31. Austregésilo Carrano Austregésilo Carrano Writer, Bicho de Sete Cabeças
32. Adriana Birolli Adriana Birolli Actress, Fina Estampa
33. Luciana Fregolente Luciana Fregolente Actress, E Aí... Comeu?
34. Mário Schoemberger Mário Schoemberger Actor, Vidas Opostas
35. Augusto Farfus Augusto Farfus Self, Adrenalin: The BMW Touring Car Story Augusto Farfus Jr. (born 3 September 1983 in Curitiba) is a Brazilian BMW factory driver. He presently lives in Monaco. Farfus first tasted racing in minibike races and won the local championships in 1991. Like many drivers, his motorsport career began with karting. In 1992, at the age of 9 years...
36. Juliana Kametani Juliana Kametani Actress, Água na Boca
37. Fernando Lobo Fernando Lobo Sound Department, Elite Squad
38. Daniela Franco Daniela Franco Actress, Esmeralda
39. Dulcemar Vieira Dulcemar Vieira Actress, Rosa-dos-Ventos
40. Ariel Coelho Ariel Coelho Actor, The Emerald Forest
41. Paulo Friebe Paulo Friebe Director, Bento Cego
42. Fátima Freire Fátima Freire Actress, Amor e Revolução
43. Rafael Losso Rafael Losso Actor, Linha de Passe
44. Katiuscia Canoro Katiuscia Canoro Actress, E Aí... Comeu?
45. Ranieri Gonzalez Ranieri Gonzalez Actor, Olga
46. Joelson Medeiros Joelson Medeiros Actor, Páginas da Vida
47. Marina Dias Marina Dias Actress, Frankie
48. Dig Dutra Dig Dutra Actress, Zorra Total
49. Mauro Alice Mauro Alice Editor, Carandiru
50. Fernanda Slaviero Fernanda Slaviero Actress, Cobras & Lagartos
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