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1. Ugo Tognazzi Ugo Tognazzi Actor, La Cage aux Folles Despite his many superb performances accumulated over a four-decade stretch (and I do mean many), this virile, mustachioed, stocky-framed Italian character star will be forever cherished if only for his one classic comedy role, that of slightly mincing gay cabaret owner Renato Baldi in La Cage aux Folles...
2. Claudio Monteverdi Claudio Monteverdi Music Department, Liberal Arts
3. Paolo Agazzi Paolo Agazzi Director, The Day Silence Died
4. Dario Cantarelli Dario Cantarelli Actor, La grande bellezza
5. Gianluca Vialli Gianluca Vialli Self, Sport Relief
6. Adriano Bolzoni Adriano Bolzoni Writer, A Fistful of Dollars
7. Marilù Parolini Marilù Parolini Writer, Love on the Ground
8. Sandrone Dazieri Sandrone Dazieri Writer, La cura del gorilla Sandrone Dazieri was born in Cremona (Italy) in 1964. He graduated at San Pellegrino Terme Hotel Management school and worked as a chef all around Italy for several years. He moved to Milan where he began working in a number of jobs, from salesman to porter, and was very politically active at the time in the Italian Anti-Nuclear Movement in the 80's...
9. Roberta Lanfranchi Roberta Lanfranchi Actress, Striscia la notizia
10. Enzo Iacchetti Enzo Iacchetti Actor, La grande prugna
11. Antonio Cabrini Antonio Cabrini Self, Quelli che... il calcio
12. Anna Identici Anna Identici Actress, Romance & Cigarettes
13. Riccardo Tamburini Riccardo Tamburini Writer, Lo schermo di nebbia
14. Giacomo Losi Giacomo Losi Self, Quelli che... il calcio
15. Maria Basaglia Maria Basaglia Writer, O Pão Que o Diabo Amassou
16. Vittorio Salvetti Vittorio Salvetti Producer, Festivalbar
17. Luigi Carini Luigi Carini Actor, Cavalleria
18. Corrado Stajano Corrado Stajano Writer, Un eroe borghese
19. Danilo Toninelli Danilo Toninelli Self, Porta a porta
19 names.