25 names.

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1. Jennie Jacques Jennie Jacques Actress, Truth or Die
2. Jefferson Hall Jefferson Hall Actor, Sherlock Holmes
3. Alice Lowe Alice Lowe Actress, Sightseers
4. Jassa Ahluwalia Jassa Ahluwalia Actor, Son of God
5. Lee Child Lee Child Writer, Jack Reacher Lee Child was born in the exact geographic centre of England, in the heart of the industrial badlands. Never saw a tree until he was 12. It was the sort of place where if you fell in the river, you had to go to the hospital for a mandatory stomach pump. The sort of place where minor disputes were settled with box cutters and bicycle chains. He's got the scars to prove it...
6. Clint Mansell Clint Mansell Composer, Black Swan
7. Charles Kay Charles Kay Actor, Amadeus
8. Carla Mendonça Carla Mendonça Actress, Hilary and Jackie Carla was born to parents who were both dancers. Her English mother was appearing in a company in Lisbon when she met her Portuguese husband-to-be, and the couple returned to live in England. One of Carla's 2 brothers, Jorge, joined the British Army and, at the age of 36, became its youngest ever Colonel...
9. Gillian Barber Gillian Barber Actress, Jumanji
10. Dominic Jephcott Dominic Jephcott Actor, All Quiet on the Western Front
11. Robin Parkinson Robin Parkinson Actor, Button Moon
12. Joanna Neary Joanna Neary Actress, Ideal
13. Mike Lucas Mike Lucas Actor, Thicker Than Water
14. Martin Owens-Cairns Martin Owens-Cairns Actor, The Exchange Martin Owens-Cairns was born in Coventry in 1988. he was bitten by the acting bug at a young age with a love of theatre he worked with various local amateur dramatic societies from the age of 12. he has always had a love of the theatre, stage and screen, He started his professional career as an extra in television...
15. Delia Derbyshire Delia Derbyshire Music Department, Doctor Who
16. Alan Haywood Alan Haywood Actor, Cash on Demand
17. Panjabi MC Panjabi MC Soundtrack, The Dictator
18. Taz Taz Music Department, Race
19. Paul Adam Paul Adam Writer, 'Allo 'Allo!
20. Laura Davies Laura Davies Self, A Question of Sport
21. Ian Bell Ian Bell Self, Daily Mirror: The Pride of Britain Awards
22. Frank Whittle Frank Whittle Self, Whittle: The Jet Pioneer
23. Russell Dixon Russell Dixon Sound Department, The Lunt Russell Dixon was born out of Coventry in the United Kingdom on the 22nd of December 1992. Since studying media at the Coventry Bluecoat School, followed by a year studying Visual Effects at Birmingham City University, Russell now resides at Coventry University studying Media Production whilst in his own time pursuing his career as a Cinematographer and Photographer.
24. Jim Duckett Jim Duckett Actor, Sanctuary
25. Jonathan Brassington Jonathan Brassington Director, Breakdown
25 names.