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1. Louis de Funès Louis de Funès Actor, The Wing or Thigh? Louis Germain David de Funès de Galarza was born on July 31, 1914, in Courbevoie, France. His father, named Carlos Luis de Funes de Galarza, was a former lawyer of Seville, Spain, who became a diamond cutter. His mother, named Leonor Soto Reguera, was of Spanish and Portugese extraction. Young Louis de Funès was fond of drawing and piano playing...
2. Arletty Arletty Actress, The Longest Day On leaving school, Arletty worked in a factory before becoming a model. She made her music-hall debut in 1918 and continued to appear on the stage until the early 1930's. Arletty rarely received top billing although she outshone the lead actors in most of her films, notably the popular classics Hôtel du Nord and Daybreak...
3. Julie Ferrier Julie Ferrier Actress, Heartbreaker
4. Michel Blanc Michel Blanc Actor, Monsieur Hire
5. Jean-Pierre Darroussin Jean-Pierre Darroussin Actor, A Very Long Engagement
6. Nicolas Buchoux Nicolas Buchoux Actor, Article 23
7. Germaine Delbat Germaine Delbat Actress, Oscar
8. Jacques Henri Lartigue Jacques Henri Lartigue Actor, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
9. Michel Rocard Michel Rocard Self, Michel Rocard, la politique avant tout
10. Charles Belmont Charles Belmont Director, Spray of the Days
11. Jean Faurez Jean Faurez Writer, Les vagabonds du rêve
12. Gabrielle Doulcet Gabrielle Doulcet Actress, That Most Important Thing: Love
13. Jean Mauvais Jean Mauvais Actor, The Phantom of Liberty
14. Michel Delpech Michel Delpech Self, Michel Delpech
15. Jacques-Henry Duval Jacques-Henry Duval Actor, L'Agence Nostradamus Jacques-Henri Duval worked mainly for the theater. After studying drama at the Conservatoire de Paris he played Georges Feydeau, Noel Coward, Molière or Paul Féval on the stage, adapted plays ('L'ours' by Tchekhov, 'Le Neveu de Rameau' by Diderot) and directed many. He only sporadically appeared in films and on TV. He died too early at the age of 54.
16. André Ruellan André Ruellan Writer, Distracted
17. Agathe Vannier Agathe Vannier Actress, Le rouge de Chine
18. Simone Duhart Simone Duhart Actress, The Game of Love
19. Laurent Ferrier Laurent Ferrier Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, That Most Important Thing: Love
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