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1. Conleth Hill Conleth Hill Actor, Whatever Works
2. Valerie Hobson Valerie Hobson Actress, Kind Hearts and Coronets Elegant, quintessentially English (although born in Northern Ireland) Valerie Hobson was the daughter of a British army officer. She studied dancing at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA) and appeared on the stage for the first time at age 16, but she contracted a case of scarlet fever and decided to give up dancing for acting...
3. Jackie Woodburne Jackie Woodburne Actress, Friends for Twenty Years
4. Conor MacNeill Conor MacNeill Actor, Five Minutes of Heaven
5. B.J. Hogg B.J. Hogg Actor, City of Ember BJ Hogg, a true Ulsterman, born in Lisburn, Co. Antrim. His father William was a plater in Harland and Woolfe shipyard in Belfast His mother May ran a general store in their home town. BJ has travelled the world as an actor, writer and now director. He is a true all-rounder, a classically trained musician who started his career whilst in his teens...
6. Terence Cooper Terence Cooper Actor, Casino Royale
7. Ricky Addison Reed Ricky Addison Reed Actor, A Return to Salem's Lot
8. Joey Dunlop Joey Dunlop Self, Episode #3.3
9. Robert McKenzie Robert McKenzie Actor, The Sign of the Cucumber A small man with a big belly, McKenzie entered films in 1915 and spent most of his career in B-Westerns, usually as a gold-watch-chained banker.
10. Whitford Kane Whitford Kane Actor, Hide-Out
11. Willie John McBride Willie John McBride Self, End of the Golden Age
12. Mrs. J.H. Riddell Mrs. J.H. Riddell Writer, The Beckoning Shadow
13. Ray Snoddy Ray Snoddy Self, Episode dated 3 February 2012
14. John Gibson John Gibson Director, The Killing Bottle
15. Stephanie Hill Stephanie Hill Uncategorised
16. Lyndsy Spence Lyndsy Spence Writer, The Oliviers Down Under
17. Kate Hoey Kate Hoey Self, Episode dated 19 May 2011
17 names.