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1. Tim Thomerson Tim Thomerson Actor, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Tim Thomerson rates highly as one of the best, most prolific, versatile and dependable character actors to ever grace both the big and small screens alike with pleasing regularity since the mid 70s. Although often cast as laconic rough 'n' tumble macho guys, Thomerson has proved on many occasions that he can essay comic roles and more substantial dramatic parts with equal skill and conviction...
2. Tina Weymouth Tina Weymouth Soundtrack, American Psycho
3. Milton Carruth Milton Carruth Editor, Shadow of a Doubt
4. Ronnie Shark Ronnie Shark Actor, Bijou
5. Timothy Olague Timothy Olague Producer, Sabora Mi Brother of Eric Olague. Childhood friend and business partner of Will De Los Santos. Timothy Olague was also a professional Roller Derby Skater in the 1990s. A native of Coronado Island, Olague once worked for Maxwell Construction, one of the three companies that built the Coronado Bay Bridge in San Diego, California...
6. Brianna Tatiana Brianna Tatiana Self, Lila
7. Fulton Kuykendall Fulton Kuykendall Self, Atlanta Falcons vs. New Orleans Saints
8. Dana Rohrabacher Dana Rohrabacher Self, Casino Jack and the United States of Money
9. David E. Bunger David E. Bunger Self, The Secret Land
10. Chad Fox Chad Fox Self, Game 3
11. Francisco Enrique Commans Jr. Francisco Enrique Commans Jr. Composer, Harana
11 names.