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1. Elia Kazan Elia Kazan Director, On the Waterfront Known for his creative stage direction, Elia Kazan was born Elias Kazantzoglou on September 7, 1909 in Constantinople, Ottoman Empire (now Istanbul, Turkey). Noted for drawing out the best dramatic performances from his actors, he directed 21 actors to Oscar nominations, resulting in nine wins. He directed a string of successful films...
2. Alice Sapritch Alice Sapritch Actress, L'affaire Marie Besnard Alice Sapritch was unattractive and she knew it for a fact. She nevertheless decided to become an actress, aware that she would never be the love interest of the handsome hero or play the blushing ingénue. That's the reason why she set about emphasizing her lack of glamor instead of concealing it. In these conditions...
3. Steve Plytas Steve Plytas Actor, Batman
4. Muzaffer Tema Muzaffer Tema Actor, Vahsi kedi
5. Muhsin Ertugrul Muhsin Ertugrul Director, Leblebici horhor aga
6. Paul Misraki Paul Misraki Composer, A Good Year Born in Constantinople in 1908, Paul Misraki composed from the age of 7 years a waltz his mother notes on music paper. He completed his studies at the "Lycée Janson de Sailly" where he met Ray Ventura who already created a small amateur jazz band. Paul Misraki consolidates his musical knowledge with Charles Koechlin and soon joined his fellow Ray Ventura who...
7. Margo Lion Margo Lion Actress, Feu Mathias Pascal Lank and plain-looking, poker-faced and a bit starchy but looking all the more mysterious for that, Margo Lion will forever remain Jenny, the "brothel queen', in Pabst's adaptation of Bertold Brecht and Kurt Weill's immortal 'Dreigroschen Oper', singing their unforgettable song 'La fiancée du pirate'...
8. Bedia Muvahhit Bedia Muvahhit Actress, Istanbul sokaklarinda
9. Memduh Ün Memduh Ün Producer, Namusum için
10. Mihalis Giannatos Mihalis Giannatos Actor, Midnight Express
11. Rudolph Schildkraut Rudolph Schildkraut Actor, Pals in Paradise
12. Jacques Rémy Jacques Rémy Director, La fruta mordida
13. Feridun Çölgeçen Feridun Çölgeçen Actor, Kilink uçan adama karsi
14. Refik Kemal Arduman Refik Kemal Arduman Director, Büyük itiraf
15. Tamer Balci Tamer Balci Actor, Tarzan Istanbulda
16. Athinodoros Prousalis Athinodoros Prousalis Actor, Politiki kouzina
17. Kenan Pars Kenan Pars Actor, Oglum
18. Aziz Nesin Aziz Nesin Writer, Gol Krali
19. Necip Fazil Kisakürek Necip Fazil Kisakürek Writer, Yangin var: Eski Istanbul kabadayilari
20. Resit Gürzap Resit Gürzap Actor, The Conquest of Constantinople
21. Flora Zabelle Flora Zabelle Actress, The Ringtailed Rhinoceros Flora Zabelle (nee Mangasarian) was a Broadway actress and one of the first stars of American silent film. Born Flora Mangasarian, she took the stage name Flora Zabelle. Her family had fled Constantinople (now Istanbul) as a result of the Armenian Genocide massacres in the Ottoman Empire. She attended Wellesley College and decided upon an acting career...
22. Ahmet Tarik Tekçe Ahmet Tarik Tekçe Actor, Daglari bekliyen kiz
23. Talat Artemel Talat Artemel Director, Hürriyet apartmani
24. Jacques Natteau Jacques Natteau Cinematographer, Never on Sunday
25. Jerry Murad Jerry Murad Soundtrack, The Big Record
26. Stavros Xenidis Stavros Xenidis Actor, Taxeidi tou melitos
27. Vahi Öz Vahi Öz Actor, Kan kardesler
28. Aram Katcher Aram Katcher Actor, The Right Hand of the Devil
29. John P. Livadary John P. Livadary Sound Department, Pal Joey
30. Vahram Papazyan Vahram Papazyan Actor, Skanderbeg Since 1907 played in theatres of Istanbul. In 1922 repatriated to Armenia, Soviet Union. From 1922 to 1953 toured with different Armenian and Russian theatre companies. Since 1954 until his death was the leading star of Sundukyan Academic Theatre, Yerevan, Armenia. Became famous as one of leading Shakespeare performers, particularly by the role of Othello. Had occasional roles in cinema.
31. Oleg Tupine Oleg Tupine Actor, Look for the Silver Lining
32. Sükriye Atav Sükriye Atav Actress, Emine
33. Suavi Tedü Suavi Tedü Director, Köyün çocugu
34. Vasfi Riza Zobu Vasfi Riza Zobu Actor, Karim beni aldatirsa
35. Muhip Arciman Muhip Arciman Actor, The Message
36. Turan Seyfioglu Turan Seyfioglu Actor, The Conquest of Constantinople
37. Faruk Kenç Faruk Kenç Director, Çölde bir Istanbul kizi
38. Hulki Saner Hulki Saner Producer, Nilüfer orman çiçegi
39. Necdet Mahfi Ayral Necdet Mahfi Ayral Actor, The Bandit
40. Constantin J. David Constantin J. David Director, Liebeslied
41. Muhsin Batur Muhsin Batur Self, Coup
42. Bernd Aldor Bernd Aldor Actor, Das Bildnis des Dorian Gray
43. I. Galip Arcan I. Galip Arcan Actor, Aysel: Batakli damin kizi
44. Maria Iordanidou Maria Iordanidou Writer, Loxandra
45. Resat Nuri Güntekin Resat Nuri Güntekin Writer, Ankara postasi
46. Sami Ayanoglu Sami Ayanoglu Actor, Yavuz Sultan Selim agliyor
47. Alfred Travers Alfred Travers Director, Dual Alibi
48. Zozo Dalmas Zozo Dalmas Actress, Despoinis dikigoros Zozo Dalmas was one of the first Greek divas. She started her career in the Greek city of Salonika back in the 1920s and she soon became an important actress and well-known operetta singer. But above all Zozo was one of the most beautiful women who lived in the Mediterranean area back then and her beauty helped her to become famous in Greece...
49. Ercüment Behzat Lav Ercüment Behzat Lav Actor, Bir millet uyaniyor
50. Ulvi Uraz Ulvi Uraz Actor, Yarin bizimdir
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