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1. Sandrine Bonnaire Sandrine Bonnaire Actress, Vagabond
2. Henri Vidal Henri Vidal Actor, Les maudits
3. Lolo Ferrari Lolo Ferrari Self, Eurotrash Lolo Ferrari, born Eve Valois, was famous - or infamous - as having undergone more plastic surgery than any other porn star. She had her face lifted, her eyes reshaped, her lips thickened and, most famously, a series of silicone injections ballooned her breasts out to 71 inches, and a record-setting (according to the Guinness Book of World Records) weight of 26 pounds...
4. Mounir Margoum Mounir Margoum Actor, Rendition
5. Marie-Françoise Audollent Marie-Françoise Audollent Actress, The Da Vinci Code
6. Roland Lesaffre Roland Lesaffre Actor, L'air de Paris
7. Gabor Biedermann Gabor Biedermann Actor, Die Rosenheim-Cops
8. Magdeleine Bérubet Magdeleine Bérubet Actress, Crémaillère
9. Guillaume Tauveron Guillaume Tauveron Director, Beyond the Blood Guillaume Tauveron was born in Clermont-Ferrand, France. Although he had started to write novels and several stories by the age of 15, it was during watching the credit titles at the beginning ofTim Burton 's Mars Attacks! (1996) that he realized he also wanted to show his personal inner world on screen...
10. Marc'o Marc'o Director, Les idoles
11. Fernand Raynaud Fernand Raynaud Actor, La bande à papa
12. Maurice Gardett Maurice Gardett Actor, Le triporteur
13. Fadela Amara Fadela Amara Self, Thé ou café
14. Jean-Louis Lignerat Jean-Louis Lignerat Writer, Les faucheurs de marguerites
15. Roland Agret Roland Agret Self, On ne peut pas plaire à tout le monde
16. Raphael Geminiani Raphael Geminiani Self, The Sorrow and the Pity
17. Pierre Theilhard de Chardin Pierre Theilhard de Chardin Writer, La messe sur le monde
18. Jessica Brajoux Jessica Brajoux Writer, We're So Screwed
19. Patrick Depailler Patrick Depailler Transportation Department, Bobby Deerfield
20. Jean-Pierre Leclerc Jean-Pierre Leclerc Actor, Crime d'amour
21. François-Bernard Mâche François-Bernard Mâche Composer, L'annonce faite à Marie
21 names.