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1. Joseph Gilgun Joseph Gilgun Actor, Emmerdale Farm
2. Bethany Black Bethany Black Actress, Tuesday Night Bethany Black is an actor, stand-up comedian, and transgender activist from Preston, Lancashire. She started performing in comedy clubs in 2005, reaching the final of Chortle's Student Comedy Awards and being nominated for "Best Debut" at the Leicester Comedy Festival. Her highly confessional solo shows (covering gender reassignment...
3. Ken Morley Ken Morley Actor, Coronation Street
4. Loui Batley Loui Batley Actress, Hollyoaks
5. David Ambrose David Ambrose Writer, The Final Countdown David Ambrose, an award-winning screenwriter, has worked internationally in theatre, television, and film. He lives in Switzerland.
6. Peter Schofield Peter Schofield Actor, O Lucky Man!
7. Gordon Langford Rowe Gordon Langford Rowe Actor, Titanic: Birth of a Legend
8. Alan Wareing Alan Wareing Director, Emmerdale Farm Alan Wareing became interested in directing through amateur theatre. After directing several plays he started working in television, first as an assistant floor manager and then as a production assistant before taking the BBC's director's course. Among the BBC shows he worked on were The Onedin Line...
9. Phil Cool Phil Cool Writer, Cool It
10. Charles Herbert Lightoller Charles Herbert Lightoller Perhaps one of the most intriguing individuals associated with the Titanic because of the many unique events that happened both before and after the sinking. As a young man, he assured his sister the sea wasn't wet enough to drown him and went on to prove just that. Charles Lightoller's career at sea began in 1888 at the age of thirteen and was a harrowing one almost from the start...
11. Neil Hardy Neil Hardy Actor, Hollyoaks
12. S.A. Cookson S.A. Cookson Actor, King John
13. John Foxx John Foxx Soundtrack, Rory O'Shea Was Here
14. Hal Draper Hal Draper Actor, Grandad
15. F.R. Pryor F.R. Pryor Writer, Marigold
15 names.