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1. Hiroshi Teshigahara Hiroshi Teshigahara Director, Woman in the Dunes Hiroshi Teshigahara was born as the son of Sofu Teshigahara who was the founder of the Sogetsu School of Ikebana (Flower arrengement). In 1950, he was graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in oil painting. In 1958, he became the director of Sogetsu Art Center and took a leading role in avant-garde activities in all fields of art...
2. Saneatsu Mushakoji Saneatsu Mushakoji Writer, Episode #1.313
3. Shigeru Tsuyuki Shigeru Tsuyuki Actor, The Adventures of Milo and Otis
4. Kuniko Igawa Kuniko Igawa Actress, Early Summer
5. Eiko Azusa Eiko Azusa Actress, The House of Wooden Blocks
5 names.