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1. John Kricfalusi John Kricfalusi Writer, The Ren & Stimpy Show Canadian-born cartoon cartoonist Kricfalusi began his career by working on low end Saturday morning cartoons like The Jetsons revival and Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. In 1987, Kricfalusi's mentor, Ralph Bakshi, "saved" him by hiring him as supervising director on his show Mighty Mouse, the New Adventures. The show was cancelled...
2. Louise Portal Louise Portal Actress, The Barbarian Invasions
3. Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc Hélène Bourgeois Leclerc Actress, Les Bougon: C'est aussi ça la vie
4. Richard Comeau Richard Comeau Editor, Chuck
5. Michel Barrette Michel Barrette Actor, Maurice Richard Born in Chicoutimi, Québec. Michel began is artistic carreer in 1982 as an amateur comedian. In 1983, he became a successfull stand-up comic (which he still is), then went on to make his first movie in 1990 : The Comic Book Christmas Caper.
6. René Simard René Simard Self, Un enfant comme les autres...
7. Mario Jean Mario Jean Actor, Maurice Richard
8. Pauline Lapointe Pauline Lapointe Actress, La Florida
9. Régis Simard Régis Simard Self, Un enfant comme les autres...
10. Louis De Santis Louis De Santis Actor, Une histoire inventée
11. Marie-Joanne Boucher Marie-Joanne Boucher Actress, Providence
12. Eric Bernier Eric Bernier Actor, Tout sur moi
13. Larry Tremblay Larry Tremblay Miscellaneous Crew, Qui a tiré sur nos histoires d'amour Larry Tremblay is a writer, director, actor and kathakali specialist. He is the author of thirty books and is one of Quebec's most frequently staged and translated playwrights. Critics and scholars praise the diversity of genres he explores in his work. In 2001, his play The Ventriloquist had three separate productions...
14. Guy Cloutier Guy Cloutier Self, Un enfant comme les autres...
15. Joanne Corneau Joanne Corneau Self, Corno
16. Guy Corneau Guy Corneau Self, Corno
17. Sébastien Bouchard Sébastien Bouchard Actor, Hunting Grounds
18. Tristan Lemieux Tristan Lemieux Music Department, Not My Religion
19. Hélène Grimard Hélène Grimard Production Manager, The Barbarian Invasions
19 names.