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1. Jay Pharoah Jay Pharoah Actor, Saturday Night Live
2. Michael Copon Michael Copon Actor, Power Rangers Time Force
3. Alex Chance Alex Chance Actress, This Ain't Girls XXX
4. Chris Richardson Chris Richardson Self, American Idol
5. Nita Booth Nita Booth Self, The All New Mickey Mouse Club
6. Ricky Rudd Ricky Rudd Self, NBC NASCAR Ricky Rudd was born in Chesapeake, Virginia, to Margaret Ellen (McMannen) and Alvin Ray Rudd, Sr., the president of Al Rudd Auto Parts. He burst into the NASCAR Winson Cup Series in 1975 at Rockingham, NC and was rookie of the year in 1977. 1983 was a great year - Rudd winning his first race at Riverside International Raceway in Riverside...
7. Terry Allen Terry Allen Actor, Jim Crockett Sr. Memorial Cup
8. Alonzo Mourning Alonzo Mourning Actor, Space Jam
9. Mason O'Sullivan Mason O'Sullivan Actor, Heart, Baby Born and raised in Chesapeake, VA, he is a mix of Southern Charm, Irish, German, and Cherokee descent. It was clear at a young age that he loved to create worlds, and bring the people within them to life. His mother and father always encouraged him as a kid to never be ashamed of how creative you can be, and what it means to work hard to foster that creativity...
10. Orlandus Wilson Orlandus Wilson Actor, I Love You Phillip Morris
11. DeAngelo Hall DeAngelo Hall Self, 2004 NFL Draft
12. Charlie Stukes Charlie Stukes Self, 1971 AFC Championship Game
13. Darren Perry Darren Perry Self, NFL Monday Night Football
14. Adam Wright Adam Wright Actor, #1 Cheerleader Camp
15. Janice Hayen Janice Hayen Music Department, Se7en
16. Stephanie Mojica Stephanie Mojica Miscellaneous Crew, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines
17. Kyle Blanchard Kyle Blanchard Actor, My House
18. Eric Stanley Eric Stanley Self, ESPN First Take Eric Stanley is an American violinist and composer. He is known for remixing popular Hip-hop and Pop songs on the violin. Stanley presents improvisational violin performances found on his YouTube channel, Estan247, which was introduced in 2010. As of December 2014, his YouTube channel has more than 100,000 subscribers and over 15 million total views...
19. Dre Bly Dre Bly Self, Super Bowl XXXVI
20. Percy Harvin Percy Harvin Self, Super Bowl XLVIII
21. Elton Sawyer Elton Sawyer Self, 1996 Daytona 500
22. Brian K. Jackson Brian K. Jackson Music Department, A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy Brian K. Jackson graduated from the University of Virginia in 1990 with a B.A. in Drama. He began his career as a college intern with Epic Records, and upon graduation, he landed a job in the Marketing Department of Columbia Records in New York. After a brief stint, he moved on to Mercury Records where he started as a Publicity Coordinator...
22 names.