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1. Paul Kasey Paul Kasey Actor, Rogue One Studied theatre arts at Laine Theatre Art in Surrey, England. Paul is an accomplished actor, dancer and gymnast.
2. Tommy Knight Tommy Knight Actor, The Sarah Jane Adventures
3. Anne Dudley Anne Dudley Music Department, Les Misérables English composer and pop musician. Was a prominent member of the synthpop band The Art of Noise. Now, a critically acclaimed composer. Won an Oscar for Best Original Music or Comedy Score for work in The Full Monty. Since has composed music for more than forty films, including: The Crying Game, American History X...
4. Janet Ellis Janet Ellis Self, The Wright Stuff
5. Lee Ryan Lee Ryan Self, Blue: A Year in the Life of
6. Rob Shan Lone Rob Shan Lone Director, 28 Slices Later As a film student he made several short films including Cult Classics, Calamity Cake, Linsen Coffee and 28 Slices Later, which later became available on dvd. From an early age he would record basic stop motion animation using tin cans and play dough with his sister. Fascinated by robotics he chose to pursue a career as a cyberneticist, before embarking on independent film making...
7. Neil Cunningham Neil Cunningham Actor, The Draughtsman's Contract
8. Beryl Mason Beryl Mason Actress, All This, and Christmas Too!
9. Emily Knight Emily Knight Actress, Jehovah's Witness
10. Omar Whitehead Omar Whitehead Actor, The Daughter of the Don
11. Zandra Rhodes Zandra Rhodes Self, The British Guide to Showing Off
12. Peter Elliott Peter Elliott Self, The Unforgettable Dick Emery
13. Yohanna Farrell-Knight Yohanna Farrell-Knight Actress, Playtime
14. Billy Childish Billy Childish Director, Sub Pop Video Network Program 1
15. Martyn Clift Martyn Clift Sound Department, Omnibus Martyn Clift was born third in a family of six children. His father was a policeman and so the family moved several times when Martyn was very young, but they settled in Sutton Valence, Kent, in August 1950. Martyn went to Sutton Valence County Primary School and then to Maidstone Grammar School where he got seven O levels and three A levels...
16. Sally Bulloch Sally Bulloch Actress, The Dawn Killer
17. Dave Whitcombe Dave Whitcombe Self, Bullseye
18. Louis Yung-Hoi Louis Yung-Hoi Miscellaneous Crew, CBBC eXtra
19. Connor Kent Connor Kent Producer, The Connor Kent Comedy Project
20. Lisa Andreas Lisa Andreas Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
21. Herbert Darnley Herbert Darnley Actor, Napoleon and the English Sailor
22. Steve Piper Steve Piper Producer, Last of the Scottish Wildcats Steve was born in Kent in 1976 and lived in the town of Sittingbourne through his youth, spending most of his younger years reading, drawing and writing comics with a small team of friends. As he progressed into his teens the comics moved towards graphic design for local companies and events, and throughout GCSE's and A levels he gained an interest in music...
23. Gina Hooper Gina Hooper Actress, The Eschatrilogy: Book of the Dead
24. Rebeca Leggat Rebeca Leggat Art Department, The Collector
25. Trish Cairns Trish Cairns Miscellaneous Crew, Life After the Square
26. Harry Arnold Harry Arnold Self, The Diamond Queen
27. Verena Coleman Verena Coleman Costume Designer, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad
28. Lewis Price Lewis Price Miscellaneous Crew, Powder Room
29. Anthony Quinton Anthony Quinton Self, Election 70
30. Warren Hawkes Warren Hawkes Art Department, Discworld Noir
31. Libby Drake Libby Drake Libby Drake was born Elizabeth Grace Weller on 16th October 1985 in Chatham,Kent,UK to father, Steven, and mother, Susan. Libby was raised in the town of Gillingham and always encouraged to pursue her dreams. Her primary school Headteacher first spotted her performance talent and would regularly invite Libby to sing infront of the entire school...
31 names.