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1. David Ayer David Ayer Writer, End of Watch
2. Ludacris Ludacris Soundtrack, The Hangover Ludacris was born Christopher Brian Bridges in Champaign, Illinois, the son of Roberta Shields and Wayne Brian Bridges. Being of both African-American and Native-American descent. Early in his elementary years, his family lived in Champaign, Illinois. At nine-years=old, he started rapping. He attended Emerson Middle School and...
3. Austin Lysy Austin Lysy Actor, Garden State
4. Patrick Melton Patrick Melton Writer, Saw IV From Evanston, Illinois. Attended Evanston Township High School. Graduated University of Iowa with a BA in Communication Studies. Received an MFA in Screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California.
5. Roger Young Roger Young Director, Joseph
6. Adria Dawn Adria Dawn Actress, Our First Babysitter Adria Dawn grew up in the Midwest, and it was there in the cornfields that she acquired her curiosity for creating quirky characters. She broke into Hollywood working as a Levi's model, and landed roles on the WB's Seventh Heaven, the made-for-TV movie Running Mates, etc. Adria Dawn's growing body of work includes over a hundred television, film, new media and theatre credits...
7. Tom Bodett Tom Bodett Actor, Wakko's Wish
8. Brittany Clapper Brittany Clapper Actress, Behind the Horror Brittany Clapper grew up in the small town outside of Champaign, Illinois. She was always attracted to the arts and spent her youth immersed in creative activities. She grew up taking classes for drawing, painting, acting, dancing and singing. In school she was actively involved in the band, choir and drama departments...
9. Douglas Wilson Douglas Wilson Self, Illinois: County Road Doug Wilson grew up on his family's farm in central Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and moved to New York in 1986 to study at the National Shakespeare Conservatory to pursue a stage and screen career. He won several stage and commercial roles but he didn't quite take to the hurry-up-and-wait nature of auditioning...
10. Nina Paley Nina Paley Director, Sita Sings the Blues
11. Jess Kirkpatrick Jess Kirkpatrick Actor, D.O.A.
12. Ethel Clayton Ethel Clayton Actress, Beyond Silent-screen actress Ethel Clayton was a convent-educated girl from Champaign, IL, who sought work as a stage actress after finishing her education. She secured small parts here and there, but hit the big time when she went to work for the Frawley Organization, which had several touring stock companies...
13. Andrew J. Mitchell Andrew J. Mitchell Visual Effects, Kill Your Television
14. George Will George Will Self, This Week
15. Seth Dousman Seth Dousman Actor, Ashby
16. Ryan E. Heppe Ryan E. Heppe Producer, The Magic Was in the Music For more than twelve years, Ryan E. Heppe has been writing, producing, editing and directing feature motion pictures, film shorts, industrial and educational videos, commercials and documentaries. Ryan began his sojourn into the world of entertainment at a small PBS affiliate in east central Illinois...
17. Michael Wiese Michael Wiese Producer, The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas: A Pilgrimage to the Oracle Lake Michael Wiese is a producer, director, author, and publisher. After producing the highly popular "Hardware Wars" (a Star Wars parody), Wiese was an entertainment executive with Showtime and later Vice President of Vestron Video where he launched comedy lines with Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Billy Crystal and over 300 other videos...
18. Patrick Norton Patrick Norton Self, The Screen Savers
19. Kate Danley Kate Danley Actress, Tales from HR: The Interview Kate Danley accidentally began her acting career because the middle school French class was full and she was bumped into the theater arts. During her twenty-year theatrical career, she amassed over 240 credits to her name in stage, puppetry, film, and television. She is a member of the Acme Comedy Improv and Sketch troupes in Los Angeles...
20. Eric Vogel Eric Vogel Producer, The Bothersome Man
21. Pamela Hall Pamela Hall Actress, Our Town
22. Chet Douglas Chet Douglas Actor, Two Rode Together
23. Cat Cacciatore Cat Cacciatore Art Department, The Hunger Games
24. Trenesha Biggers Trenesha Biggers Self, TNA Wrestling: Slammiversary
25. Raymond Brown Raymond Brown Actor, The Story of Louis Pasteur
26. Mike Dehghan Mike Dehghan Producer, Barefoot
27. Benjamin Dunn Benjamin Dunn Actor, Muffin Man
28. Heidi Huber Heidi Huber Actress, Park
29. Daniel D. Lee Daniel D. Lee Actor, Star Trek Daniel D. Lee comes from a diverse background having been raised by his immigrant Korean parents, and he has found himself living in opposite ends of the American sociological spectrum in his youth; moving from Illinois, to Hawaii, to Philadelphia all before the age of 13. He has also spent time living in Asia during his teen years where he discovered his talent as an entertainer...
30. Matt Herges Matt Herges Self, Greatest Ballparks
31. Nathaniel E. Bell Nathaniel E. Bell Miscellaneous Crew, The Dark Knight
32. Samuel Oldham Samuel Oldham Writer, The Master Demon
33. George D. Baker George D. Baker Director, Heliotrope A former newspaper writer and cartoonist, George D. Baker joined Vitagraph in 1913 as a director, and was the main director for the films of the studio's popular comedian John Bunny--of Bunny's 43 comedies at Vitagraph, Baker made 39 of them. Bunny left Vitagraph to return to the stage, and Vitagraph put Baker to work with comedian Jay Dwiggins...
34. Nia Khalilah Nia Khalilah Miscellaneous Crew, Evan Almighty
35. Tom Hedrick Tom Hedrick Actor, Mischievous
36. Bruce Hall Bruce Hall Self, Episode dated 12 December 2008
37. Logan Giannini Logan Giannini Writer, We Are the Sum
38. Michael Barth Edwards Michael Barth Edwards Actor, The Badly Animated Adventures of Spider-Man
39. Mike Trippiedi Mike Trippiedi Actor, Amber Rose
40. Ryan Quick Ryan Quick Production Manager, Dice Undisputed
41. Sid Mercer Sid Mercer Actor, Oh, Baby!
42. Maurice J. Hill Maurice J. Hill Writer, Track of Thunder
43. Lee Sims Lee Sims Self, Eggs Mark the Spot
44. Dana Generally Dana Generally Actor, One, Two, Many Dana Isaac Generally was born on June 29th 1978 in Champaign, Illinois to Brenda and Isaac Generally. Brenda, a recent college graduate and singer/piano player and Isaac a Navy man had three boys, Dana was the youngest. Dana's parents divorced in 1980 and Dana, his two older brothers (Devon Generally...
45. Rachel Baron Rachel Baron Set Decorator, The Hollow Tree
46. Matthew Byori Mann Matthew Byori Mann Director, TwiceBorn Matthew Byori Mann is a film, video and commercial director. He was born in Urbana Illinois and took a liking to film and filmmaking at an early age, making short movies with a hi-8 camcorder with his friends and family. He also has worked on numerous productions as an Assistant director. He takes influence from great filmmakers such as Kubrick, Scorsese, Coppola, just to name a few.
47. Paul Buhle Paul Buhle Self, A Tribute to C. L. R. James
48. Steve Davis Steve Davis Actor, Bucky McSnead
49. Wendell Hulett Wendell Hulett Actor, Forever and a Day
50. Jennifer Iversen Jennifer Iversen Miscellaneous Crew, Welcome to Tolono
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