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1. Luis Guzmán Luis Guzmán Actor, Boogie Nights Actor of Puerto Rican descent who made many memorable films in the 1980s due to his villainous persona. Presently resides with his wife and many kids in Vermont.
2. Marcelino Sánchez Marcelino Sánchez Actor, The Warriors Born Marcelino Sánchez on December 5, 1957, in Cayey, Puerto Rico, he died of AIDS-related cancer in his Hollywood home on November 21, 1986. Sanchez began acting in the late 1970s. His third film role was that of Rembrandt, a young, naïve gang member with a flair for spray painting in The Warriors...
3. Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza Self, Episode dated 28 December 2007
4. Anibal O. Lleras Anibal O. Lleras Actor, Assassins Anibal O. Lleras was born in Puerto Rico. He didn't graduate from high school, but studied drama all his life. He studied under Willian Hickey, Sandy Dennis and Ed Morehouse at HB studios for ten consecutive years, being one of Hickey's favourite students. Anibal's career went on the express lane ever since Robert De Niro gave it a little push...
5. William Agosto William Agosto Actor, Doublecrossed
6. Christian Colón Christian Colón Self, The 2015 World Series
6 names.