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1. Pietro Scalia Pietro Scalia Editor, Gladiator Though he's cut celluloid for some of the best in the business, chances are many film lovers wouldn't even recognize the name Pietro Scalia in a lineup of Hollywood's best film editors. Born in Sicily in 1960, Scalia resided in Switzerland before heading to Los Angeles to continue his education. After receiving his M.F.A...
2. Donatella Finocchiaro Donatella Finocchiaro Actress, Terraferma
3. Tiziana Lodato Tiziana Lodato Actress, The Star Maker
4. Daniela Rocca Daniela Rocca Actress, Divorce Italian Style
5. Mimi Aguglia Mimi Aguglia Actress, The Outlaw "The whole world's a stage and all the men and women are mere players " is one of Shakespeare's most famous quotes. And it seemed written specially for Mimi Aguglia, for if she was not a "mere" player a player she was in the theatre and, later, in the movies. And wasn't she the daughter of an actress (Giuseppina Aguglia) before becoming the mother of another one (Argentina Brunetti)...
6. Laura Torrisi Laura Torrisi Actress, Una moglie bellissima
7. Beppe Fiorello Beppe Fiorello Actor, The Talented Mr. Ripley
8. Miriam Leone Miriam Leone Actress, I soliti idioti: Il film
9. Turi Ferro Turi Ferro Actor, Malicious
10. Fiorello Fiorello Actor, The Talented Mr. Ripley
11. Franco Diogene Franco Diogene Actor, Midnight Express
12. Mario Opinato Mario Opinato Actor, Double Team Mario Opinato was born in Catania, Italy, on July 26, 1964. He began his career as a dancer (Martha Graham technique) in a contemporary Dance Theatre Company, in Sicily. After a year spent in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) where he studied Latin American dances such as salsa, merengue and samba, in July 1990...
13. Leo Gullotta Leo Gullotta Actor, Cinema Paradiso
14. Ubaldo Ragona Ubaldo Ragona Director, The Last Man on Earth
15. Melissa Panarello Melissa Panarello Writer, Melissa P.
16. Vincenzo Bellini Vincenzo Bellini Soundtrack, 2046 Vincenzo Salvatore Bellini was born on November 2, 1801 in Catania, Sicily, Italy. He was the first of seven children in a musical family. His grandfather gave him first piano lessons at the age of 3, and at the age of 5 young Bellini could play good piano to an audience. His first composition dates from around that age...
17. Gaetano Lizzio Gaetano Lizzio Actor, Golden Door
18. Marianna Di Martino Marianna Di Martino Actress, Un fantastico via vai
19. Guia Jelo Guia Jelo Actress, The Whores
20. Lorenzo Patané Lorenzo Patané Actor, Episode #1.488
21. Aldo Puglisi Aldo Puglisi Actor, Marriage Italian Style
22. Salvatore Billa Salvatore Billa Actor, Ginger & Fred
23. Grazia Di Marzà Grazia Di Marzà Actress, Malicious
24. Giovanni Grimaldi Giovanni Grimaldi Writer, Web of the Spider
25. Chris Darril Chris Darril Art Department, Remothered
26. Angelo Litrico Angelo Litrico Costume Designer, A White Dress for Marialé
27. Francesco Foti Francesco Foti Actor, Alla luce del sole
28. Fabrizio Corona Fabrizio Corona Self, Videocracy
29. Giuseppe Di Stefano Giuseppe Di Stefano Soundtrack, Goodfellas
30. Roberto Pregadio Roberto Pregadio Composer, The Kingdom of Naples
31. Goliarda Sapienza Goliarda Sapienza Actress, Abandoned
32. Ignazio Balsamo Ignazio Balsamo Actor, Outlaw Girl
33. Renato Montalbano Renato Montalbano Actor, The Hawks and the Sparrows
34. Aldo Grimaldi Aldo Grimaldi Director, Quando le donne si chiamavano 'Madonne'
35. Maria Monsè Maria Monsè Actress, Frigidaire - Il film
36. Tuccio Musumeci Tuccio Musumeci Actor, Open Doors
37. Oreste Bilancia Oreste Bilancia Actor, La tentation
38. Natale Cirino Natale Cirino Actor, Of Life and Love
39. Nuccia Focile Nuccia Focile Actress, Lo frate 'nnamorato
40. Francesco Giuffrida Francesco Giuffrida Actor, Così ridevano
41. Rosina Anselmi Rosina Anselmi Actress, L'ha fatto una signora
42. Mario Biondi Mario Biondi Soundtrack, Fina estampa
43. Luigi Nicolosi Luigi Nicolosi Actor, Pizza Connection
44. John Real John Real Director, Native
45. Lucio Lombardo Radice Lucio Lombardo Radice Self, Elogio di Gaspard Monge fatto da lui stesso
46. Pietrangelo Buttafuoco Pietrangelo Buttafuoco Self, Se hai una montagna di neve, tienila all'ombra
47. Daniele Gangemi Daniele Gangemi Director, Una notte blu cobalto
48. Giovanni Verga Giovanni Verga Writer, Tigre reale
49. Giovanni Grasso Giovanni Grasso Actor, Sentinels of Bronze
50. Margherita Bossi Margherita Bossi Actress, Sleeping Beauty
1-50 of 83 names.