31 names.

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1. António Pedro Cerdeira António Pedro Cerdeira Actor, Anjo Meu
2. Mariana Marques Guedes Mariana Marques Guedes Actress, Jacinta
3. Ricardo Carriço Ricardo Carriço Actor, Laços de Sangue
4. Zita Duarte Zita Duarte Actress, Ossos
5. Rita Andrade Rita Andrade Self, Fama Show
6. Luísa Figueiredo Luísa Figueiredo Actress, Morangos com Açúcar
7. Diogo Carmona Diogo Carmona Actor, Morangos com Açúcar
8. Patrícia Franco Patrícia Franco Actress, Ninguém Como Tu
9. Tomás Taylor Tomás Taylor Actor, Vasquinho e Companhia
10. Natalina José Natalina José Actress, Queridas Feras
11. Duarte Teixeira Duarte Teixeira Composer, Detective Maravilhas
12. Ilda Roquete Ilda Roquete Actress, Residencial Tejo
13. Nuno Miranda Nuno Miranda Writer, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
14. Pedro Jervis Pedro Jervis Actor, Lua Vermelha
15. Daniel Cardoso Daniel Cardoso Actor, Ilha dos Amores
16. Andreia Nunes Andreia Nunes Actress, Morangos com Açúcar
17. Ricardo F. Reis Ricardo F. Reis Actor, Morangos com Açucar 7 Ricardo Frederico dos Reis was born in Cascais, Lisbon, to Portuguese born Maria Fernanda Silva Reis on the 11th of January 1991. At 9 Ricardo made his first steps into acting. Studied at Salesianos where he first stepped the stage to perform a Portuguese poem at the poetry week. At the same age he was selected to be a kid model by Promodel...
18. Carlota Gaivão Carlota Gaivão Actress, Detective Maravilhas
19. Fernando Alvim Fernando Alvim Self, Fado: Lisboa 68
20. Salvador Vargas Salvador Vargas Actor, Morangos com Açúcar
21. António Félix da Costa António Félix da Costa Self, Curto Circuito
22. Francisca Taylor Francisca Taylor Actress, A Senhora das Águas
23. Bernardo Ruivo Bernardo Ruivo Self, Globos de Ouro 2006
24. Leonor Sousa Leonor Sousa Self, Quinta das Celebridades
25. Luis M. Gomes Luis M. Gomes Director, Uroboro
26. Leonardo Correia Leonardo Correia Actor, 1, 2, 3
27. Filipe Marta Filipe Marta Sound Department, Partir
28. José Jorge Letria José Jorge Letria Writer, O Ratos dos Livros
29. Paulo Ferreira Paulo Ferreira Self, 2006 FIFA World Cup
30. Miguel Duck Miguel Duck Self, Mundo VIP
31. António Teixeira António Teixeira Actor, Detective Maravilhas
31 names.