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1. Brandon Maggart Brandon Maggart Actor, Brothers
2. Keith Habersberger Keith Habersberger Self, The Try Guys Keith Habersberger is a Video Producer and Development Partner at Buzzfeed Motion Pictures. He joined the company in January 2014 as a video intern, and has since become a prominent host personality of BFMP. From covering Hollywood red carpets to investigating current trends, and even letting his and other celebs' Twitter followers make his decisions...
3. Kristin Gore Kristin Gore Writer, Accidental Love
4. Ashley Eisenlohr Ashley Eisenlohr Makeup Department, 48 Hour Bootcamp
5. DeFord Bailey Jr. DeFord Bailey Jr. Self, DeFord Bailey: A Legend Lost
6. DeFord Bailey DeFord Bailey Born in Tennessee in 1899, harmonica player DeFord Bailey was the first black musician to appear on the Nashville-based WSM radio program "The Grand Ole Opry". He appeared regularly on the show from 1925-41. He played what was termed "black country music" or "string-band music" (although he called it it "black hillbilly music")...
6 names.