11 names.

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1. Kia Stevens Kia Stevens Actress, GLOW
2. Hakeem Abdul-Samad Hakeem Abdul-Samad Actor, Ernest Goes to Camp
3. Jimmy Lee Newman Jimmy Lee Newman Actor, Boyz n the Hood
4. Khiry Abdul-Samad Khiry Abdul-Samad Self, Moonwalker
5. Armand Jones Armand Jones Actor, Freedom Writers
6. Marston Fobbs Marston Fobbs Actor, Luke Cage U.S. Army veteran Marston Fobbs is an actor of stage, film and television. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, painting, exercise and shooting off rounds at the local firing range. His guilty pleasures include pizza, donuts and cashew nuts. Marston continues to perform and hone his acting skills in on-going classes, workshops and learning through life experience.
7. John Trujillo John Trujillo Miscellaneous Crew, Iron Man Founder and CEO of Trufilm Productions, an independent film company that has produced a number of infomercials and short films. In 2015 Trufilm is releasing 2 feature films including the documentary Marked 4 Life: The Story of Sleepy Lagoon Tattoo and the comedy/drama A Worthy Gentleman He is also the Co-CEO of TRUgroove Music...
8. Tajh Abdul-Samad Tajh Abdul-Samad Self, Moonwalker
9. Bob Whitfield Bob Whitfield Self, NFL on FOX
10. Bilal Abdul-Samad Bilal Abdul-Samad Actor, The Boys
11. Ras Kass Ras Kass Soundtrack, Training Day
11 names.