11 names.

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1. Mahesh Jadu Mahesh Jadu Actor, I, Frankenstein
2. Mark Brandon Read Mark Brandon Read Writer, Chopper
3. Gary Waddell Gary Waddell Actor, Chopper
4. Ron Shand Ron Shand Actor, Number 96
5. Robert Chuter Robert Chuter Producer, The Dream Children Robert was born in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. He was brought up in Williamstown and educated at RMIT, Victorian College of the Arts Drama School and graduated from the Swinburne Film and Television School in 1983. He is a prolific and well-known theatre director and producer working with some of the world's leading theatre companies.
6. John Blackman John Blackman Actor, Hey Hey, It's Saturday
7. Darko Galahad Darko Galahad Writer, Against the Tide
8. Ron Cadee Ron Cadee Self, The 16th Annual TV Week Logie Awards
9. Mrs. Aeneas Gunn Mrs. Aeneas Gunn Writer, We of the Never Never
10. Brian Brown Brian Brown Music Department, Mallacoota Stampede
11. Clinton Nain Clinton Nain Actor, Nancy Nancy
11 names.