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1. Tapan Sinha Tapan Sinha Director, Ek Doctor Ki Maut Born in 1924. Science graduate from University of Calcutta. Sinha began his film career as a sound engineer in Calcutta's New Theatre in 1946. Four years later, he received an invitation to the London film festival and the opportunity of working at Pinewood Studios. He was in the UK for two years. On returning to India...
2. Dhiren Dey Dhiren Dey
3. Pamela Gale Pamela Gale Actress, All Creatures Great and Small
4. Abdul Majid Abdul Majid Director, Chameli Memsaab
5. Obaidul Haque Sarkar Obaidul Haque Sarkar Actor, Lathial
6. Sarah Erulkar Sarah Erulkar Director, Never Go with Strangers Sarah Erulkar was a documentary film maker who was born on May 2nd 1923 and died on 29 May 2015. Born in Calcutta, India ( now Kolkata) she came to England and studied sociology at the University of London before starting work for the Shell Unit as a documentarist. Here she met her husband, fellow film-maker Peter De Normanville by whom she had two daughters...
6 names.