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1. Rhys Coiro Rhys Coiro Actor, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days
2. Nick Mancuso Nick Mancuso Actor, Under Siege Dark and handsome Nick Mancuso was born in Italy and raised in Canada (from age 8). Although he developed an interest in acting in high school, he chose to study psychology at the University of Toronto. The acting bug bit again, however, and he was soon drawn to various Canadian theatre groups in the 1970s...
3. Donatella Versace Donatella Versace Self, Mademoiselle C
4. Mauro Fiore Mauro Fiore Cinematographer, Avatar
5. Raf Vallone Raf Vallone Actor, The Godfather: Part III Raf Vallone was an internationally acclaimed Italian movie star known for his rugged good looks. The athletic Vallone, a former soccer player who often was compared to Burt Lancaster, was born Raffaele Vallone in 1916 in Tropea in Calabria, Italy, the son of a prominent lawyer and his aristocratic wife...
6. Ninetto Davoli Ninetto Davoli Actor, Arabian Nights
7. Rocco Granata Rocco Granata Actor, Eurosong 2002
8. Vittoria Belvedere Vittoria Belvedere Actress, The Apocalypse
9. Carlo Carlei Carlo Carlei Director, The Flight of the Innocent
10. Riccardo Pizzuti Riccardo Pizzuti Actor, They Call Me Trinity
11. Gianni Amelio Gianni Amelio Director, Lamerica
12. Gianna Maria Canale Gianna Maria Canale Actress, Lust of the Vampire
13. Peter Savage Peter Savage Actor, Raging Bull
14. Leopoldo Trieste Leopoldo Trieste Actor, The Godfather: Part II
15. Antonio Cantafora Antonio Cantafora Actor, Intervista
16. Antony Carbone Antony Carbone Actor, A Bucket of Blood Born in Italy in 1927, Antony Carbone was raised in Syracuse, New York, and credits the area's cold and snow (which he hated) for his determination to move out and become an actor. He has worked on stage, in TV and in a baker's dozen movies, but his best-remembered acting credits are the exploitation flicks he made for Roger Corman (A Bucket of Blood...
17. Gianni Versace Gianni Versace Costume Designer, Kika
18. Steve Conte Steve Conte Actor, The Wild World of Batwoman Steve Conte was born on January 16, 1920, in Gagliato, Italy. He came to the US with his family in 1926. They sailed to New York, where he spent his teenage years. During WWII he served in the Army Air Corps, where he was based in Europe. Soon after the war he married and had two children, Shirley and Bruce...
19. Mimmo Calopresti Mimmo Calopresti Director, Notes of Love
20. Angela Ferlaino Angela Ferlaino Actress, Do It!
21. Frank A. Caruso Frank A. Caruso Actor, Club Utopia Frank commenced his show business career in commercial theatre, performing more than twenty lead roles in such classics as: The Odd Couple, Chapter Two, It Had to be You, Lovers and Other Strangers and Barefoot in the Park. As a veteran Director and Producer, Frank has forty-five stage plays, eleven feature films, and numerous commercials and video productions to his credit...
22. Tony Nardi Tony Nardi Actor, My Father's Angel Tony Nardi is a two-time winner of the Genie Award for Best Actor for his roles in La Sarrasine and My Father's Angel. In 2010, the year of the 30th Annual Genie Awards, Tony Nardi made the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television's 30th Anniversary Top Ten list in the lead actor category. His numerous award-winning film appearances include Caffè Italia (lead)...
23. Jack Perry Jack Perry Actor, The Garden of Eatin'
24. Arturo Gatti Arturo Gatti Self, Episode dated 1 April 2011
25. Ernesto Molinari Ernesto Molinari Actor, Lucy's Italian Movie
26. Giuseppe Gagliardi Giuseppe Gagliardi Director, Tatanka
27. Antonio D'Agostino Antonio D'Agostino Director, La cerimonia dei sensi
28. Nicholas Musuraca Nicholas Musuraca Cinematographer, Out of the Past Italian-born Nicholas Musuraca's first job in the film business was as a chauffeur to early pioneering producer/director J. Stuart Blackton. Having a knack for photography, he worked behind the cameras in a variety of jobs before finally becoming a cinematographer (or, as they were called in those days...
29. Valerio Pino Valerio Pino Self, Episode dated 2 October 2010
30. Albert Anastasia Albert Anastasia Self, Lucky Luciano: Chairman of the Mob In the early 1930s, Jewish-American labor racketeer Louis Buchalter, aka Louis Lepke, and Italian-American gangsters Lucky Luciano and Johnny Torrio, the former boss of the Chicago Outfit and mentor of New York native 'Al Capone', allied together. Luciano's Jewish-American associates Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky formed "Murder...
31. Pasquale Cassalia Pasquale Cassalia Actor, Stefano Formaggio Pasquale Cassalia was born in 1983 in Reggio Calabria, Italy and raised in Pellaro, Italy. His mother's name is Giardi Eda Patrizia. His father, Giuseppe Cassalia, is a goldsmith in Italy. He has a younger sister Aida Cassalia. At Liceo T.Campanella Classics High School, Cassalia was involved in sports...
32. Fabio Mollo Fabio Mollo Director, Il sud è niente Fabio was born in Reggio Calabria in 1980. In 2002 graduated at the University of East London with a BA Honour Bachelor of Arts in Visual Theory, Film History. In 2007 he graduated at the Italian Film School Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome. He has been working regularly as assistant director and as filmmaker for MTV while establishing his career as a director...
33. Gino Renni Gino Renni Actor, My First Wedding
34. Elisabetta Gregoraci Elisabetta Gregoraci Self, Deutschland gegen Italien - Das Duell
35. Mia Martini Mia Martini Self, Jacques Chazot
36. Francesco Mazza Francesco Mazza Director, Dance for Life
37. Mehdi Meskar Mehdi Meskar Actor, In the House
38. Giuseppe Petitto Giuseppe Petitto Producer, Sanpeet A Film Director graduate of the National Film school in Rome, Italy (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia), he has worked on several short films both documentary and fiction, some of which have gained critical International acclaim. In 2001 he received the Human Rights Watch Nestor Almendros Award for courage and commitment in human rights filmmaking. Lives and works in Rome, Italy.
39. Antonella Della Porta Antonella Della Porta Actress, Two Women
40. Loredana Bertè Loredana Bertè Actress, Loredasia
41. Charles Atlas Charles Atlas Self, Episode dated 10 June 1956 Angelo Siciliano was born in Acri, Italy, and emigrated to the US at age 11 with his family, which settled in Brooklyn, NY. He had always been a frail and sickly child, often picked on by neighborhood kids. One night when he was 15 he was on his way home when he was jumped and severely beaten by a neighborhood bully...
42. Jim Colosimo Jim Colosimo Uncategorised Notorious Chicago gangster--and one of the last of the "Mustache Petes", a nickname given to the old-line Italian gangsters by the "Young Turks" trying to take over--Giacomo "Big Jim" Colosimo was born in Colosimi, Italy. His family emigrated to Chicago in 1895, where "Big Jim" got an early start in the criminal underworld...
43. Mino Reitano Mino Reitano Actor, Long Lasting Days
44. Stefano De Sando Stefano De Sando Actor, Per sempre
45. Salvatore Puntillo Salvatore Puntillo Actor, Deep Red
46. Nick Nostro Nick Nostro Director, Day After Tomorrow
47. Ettore Pasculli Ettore Pasculli Director, Flight from Paradise
48. Agata Apicella Moretti Agata Apicella Moretti Self, Aprile
49. Gennaro Gattuso Gennaro Gattuso Self, Me, Myself & Martin Laursen
50. Gianni Crea Gianni Crea Director, Law of Violence
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