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1. Kate Mansi Kate Mansi Actress, The Fight Kate Mansi grew up in Southern California as the middle child of a large Italian/Irish family. Mansi trained as a dancer from a very young age both in NY and LA. She joined the Pacific Festival Ballet at just 15 years of age. While in high school Kate developed an interest in acting which was nurtured by her drama teacher...
2. Donna Feldman Donna Feldman Actress, You Don't Mess with the Zohan
3. Marley McClean Marley McClean Actress, Serenity
4. Timothy Gibbs Timothy Gibbs Actor, One Life to Live
5. Ali Moore Ali Moore Actress, Firestorm II: The Angel Blade Ali Moore entered the adult-film business in 1984, and her petite, schoolgirl looks soon had her specializing in roles as very young girls experiencing their sexual awakening--not far from the truth, as it turned out she had presented phony identification and was in fact only 17 when she first began making porn...
6. Rob Bourdon Rob Bourdon Soundtrack, Transformers
7. Sandi Beach Sandi Beach Actress, Spirit of the Swamp
8. Chris Haley Chris Haley Actor, Tears of Steel
9. Brandon Sacks Brandon Sacks Actor, Urban Legends: Bloody Mary Born in Calabasas, California, Brandon Sacks currently resides in Park City, Utah. Growing up, Brandon attended 3 different high schools and his active foray into theater served dually as a coping mechanism as well as a realm to channel his creative energy into. Since graduating high school, Brandon has transitioned into college where he is currently double majoring in Sociology and Aviation...
10. Scott Pearlman Scott Pearlman Producer, Brotherhood of Blood
11. Jennifer Sanett Jennifer Sanett Sound Department, Attack at Zombie High!
12. Jose Pasillas Jose Pasillas Soundtrack, Final Destination 2
13. Roxy Baker Roxy Baker Uncategorised
14. Alex Katunich Alex Katunich Soundtrack, Final Destination 2
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