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1. Alberto Ammann Alberto Ammann Actor, Celda 211 In 2009, Alberto Ammann went from being an unknown drama student to becoming one of Spain's best known actors with just one movie. The previous year, Ammann joined the ranks of Penelope Cruz, Jordi Molla and Elena Anaya when he won a coveted spot on the list of Caras Nuevas, a discovery initiative of Spanish talent agency...
2. Castulo Guerra Castulo Guerra Actor, Terminator 2: Judgment Day An actor with an international flair and a distinguished voice, Cástulo Guerra was born in Córdoba, Argentina, August 24, 1945, to Cástulo Guerra and María Sola, and was nicknamed Pericles by medical students at the pension where they lived. He grew up in pre-Andean Salta in northern Argentina. In 1961...
3. René Strickler René Strickler Actor, Para volver a amar
4. Marcos Carnevale Marcos Carnevale Writer, Corazón de león
5. Carla Peterson Carla Peterson Actress, Son amores
6. Héctor Colomé Héctor Colomé Actor, Amar en tiempos revueltos
7. Analía Gadé Analía Gadé Actress, Las largas vacaciones del 36 Argentinian actress. Daughter of a theater writer, and sister of the writer Carlos Gorostiza. At the age of 15 she escapes from a religious school to win a beauty contest in Buenos Aires. She debuted in cinema in 1947 and in theater in 1950. She worked in around 20 films in Argentina and in 1956 she went to Madrid...
8. Gastón Brouet Gastón Brouet Actor, Trazando miradas Gastón Brouet was born on October 7th, 1988 in the city of Villa María, Córdoba, Argentina. He conceived the idea of becoming actor when he was a young boy. At 22 he began his studies in Drama by attending the "Seminario de Teatro Jolie Libois", dictated in the "Teatro Real" in Córdoba City - Argentina...
9. Guillermo Pfening Guillermo Pfening Actor, Valientes
10. Pamela David Pamela David Self, Mitos, crónicas del amor descartable
11. José Bódalo José Bódalo Actor, Django
12. Eugenio Zanetti Eugenio Zanetti Production Designer, Last Action Hero Eugenio Zanetti is an award-winning Designer, Theater and Opera Director, as well as an accomplished painter and the writer of two plays. With a multifaceted career that spans almost 30 years and three continents, Mr. Zanetti is internationally recognized as an artist of extraordinary and versatile qualities...
13. Mimí Ardú Mimí Ardú Actress, El bonaerense
14. Mariana Briski Mariana Briski Actress, No sos vos, soy yo
15. Osvaldo Ardiles Osvaldo Ardiles Actor, Victory Ardiles was a professional football player. He was World Champion in the 1978 with his National Team. He played in Argentina till 1978, when moved in England, having signed for the Tottenham Hotspurs. He played also in France (Paris St. Germain), and in England again, with the Blackburn Rovers and Swindown Town till 1991, the year in which he retired.
16. Yamila Reyna Yamila Reyna Actress, Aquí Mando Yo
17. Alberto Granado Alberto Granado Writer, The Motorcycle Diaries
18. Santiago Loza Santiago Loza Writer, Extraño
19. Héctor Anglada Héctor Anglada Actor, Campeones de la vida
20. Marcelo Pont Vergés Marcelo Pont Vergés Art Director, The Secret in Their Eyes
21. Tito Gómez Tito Gómez Actor, La pequeña señora de Pérez
22. Francisco de Paula Francisco de Paula Actor, La danza del fuego
23. Carla Pandolfi Carla Pandolfi Actress, Violetta
24. Lara Ruiz Lara Ruiz Self, Antes que sea tarde
25. Matías Bertilotti Matías Bertilotti Producer, Son amores
26. Pablo Padula Pablo Padula Director, Transatlántica
27. Ismael Echevarría Ismael Echevarría Actor, Este loco, loco, Buenos Aires
28. Lorenzo Quinteros Lorenzo Quinteros Actor, Man Facing Southeast
29. Colomba Colomba Actress, Tocá para mí
30. Jairo Jairo Self, Numéro 1
31. Héctor Bianciotti Héctor Bianciotti Actor, Molokai, la isla maldita
32. Santiago Ayala Santiago Ayala Actor, La novela de un joven pobre
33. Javier Portales Javier Portales Actor, El manosanta está cargado
34. Luis Lima Luis Lima Actor, Carmen by Georges Bizet
35. Nacho Sánchez Nacho Sánchez Actor, Di Di Hollywood
36. Franco Verdoia Franco Verdoia Director, Chile 672
37. Norma Angeleri Norma Angeleri Casting Director, XXY
38. Norma Viola Norma Viola Actress, Cosquín, amor y folklore
39. Olga Nani Olga Nani Actress, TL-1 Mi reino por un platillo volador
40. Rodrigo Rodrigo Soundtrack, El resultado del amor
41. La Mona Jiménez La Mona Jiménez Actor, De caravana
42. Adrián Ochoa Adrián Ochoa Director, Cadorna, TV.
43. Mariano Rescia Mariano Rescia Director, Cuesta abajo
44. Daniel Belluscio Daniel Belluscio Actor, ...Y mañana serán hombres
45. María Laura Daríomerlo María Laura Daríomerlo Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, A los ojos de Dios
46. Emiliano López Emiliano López Editorial Department, Yo no sé qué me han hecho tus ojos
47. Gabriela Trettel Gabriela Trettel Director, Ana
48. Fabián Mazzola Fabián Mazzola Actor, Radioteatro... aquella fragua de sueños
49. Eduardo Segura Eduardo Segura Director, Cuatro piernas
50. Carlos Bobeda Carlos Bobeda Director, El pozo
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