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1. George Michael George Michael Soundtrack, Beverly Hills Cop II George Michael was born Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou in Finchley, north London, in the United Kingdom, to Lesley Angold (Harrison), a dancer, and Kyriacos Panayiotou, a restaurateur. His father was a Greek Cypriot, and his mother was of English background. He first discovered fame as a musician when he and school friend...
2. Simon Le Bon Simon Le Bon Soundtrack, Donnie Darko
3. Peter Copley Peter Copley Actor, Empire of the Sun
4. Gilbert Taylor Gilbert Taylor Cinematographer, Star Wars
5. Michael Portillo Michael Portillo Self, How to Kill a Human Being
6. Michael C. Burgess Michael C. Burgess Actor, South of 8 Michael C. Burgess was trained in physical theater at Fooltime Centre for Circus Skills & Performing Arts in Bristol, England, by Guy Dartnell and Frankie Anderson. Since then, he has specialized in broad comedy and high drama. His stage résumé includes plays by John Mortimer, Edgar Allan Poe and Tom Stoppard...
7. Peter Murray-Hill Peter Murray-Hill Actor, The Ghost Train
8. Geoffrey Perkins Geoffrey Perkins Producer, Blackadder Back & Forth
9. Phillida Sewell Phillida Sewell Actress, A Room with a View
10. Steve Price Steve Price Music Department, Limitless
11. Mark Hedges Mark Hedges Art Department, 1408
12. Mark Ramprakash Mark Ramprakash Self, Episode #14.81
12 names.