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1. William Frawley William Frawley Actor, Miracle on 34th Street William Frawley was born in Burlington, Iowa. As a boy he sang at St. Paul's Catholic Church and played at the Burlington Opera House. His first job was as a stenographer for the Union Pacific Railroad. He did vaudeville with his brother Paul, then joined pianist Franz Rath in an act they took to San Francisco in 1910...
2. Kurt Warner Kurt Warner Self, Kurt Warner
3. Fred Kohler Fred Kohler Actor, Underworld Prolific "heavy" in American films of the silent and early talkie eras. A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Kohler left home as a teenager, working various jobs while trying to establish a career in vaudeville. During this time, according to his son, actor Fred Kohler Jr., Kohler worked in a mine and lost part of his right hand in a dynamite accident...
4. Kendra Sommer Kendra Sommer Actress, Pilot Kendra Sommer was born in Burlington, Iowa on February 11th 1990. She moved around a lot growing up and ended up living in Green Bay, Wisconsin for majority of her childhood. While growing up in Green Bay Wisconsin, this ambitious Kendra knew that she wanted to be in the entertainment industry one way or another...
5. Harriet Parsons Harriet Parsons Producer, I Remember Mama
6. Bart Howard Bart Howard Soundtrack, Wall Street Songwriter ("Fly Me To the Moon" [In Other Words], "The Man in the Looking Glass"), composer, author and pianist, educated at Juilliard and in private music study. He left home at 16 to tour the US as a dance-band pianist with the conjoined twins Daisy and Violet Hilton, then joined the US Army in World War II...
7. Lauren Fritz Lauren Fritz Uncategorised Born and raised in Iowa, Lauren attended the University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls where she was a member of the "Orchesis," Dance Co. and the Panther Pom squad. Lauren moved to Baltimore, MD, in 1989 and appeared in the film, "He Said, She Said." Following several local modeling and television jobs...
8. Z.D. Smith Z.D. Smith Actor, Paranormal Calamity
9. Rachel Manning Rachel Manning Miscellaneous Crew, Quarter 'til Two
10. John Addington John Addington Actor, It's in the Water American character actor, playwright, and film historian. A native (and devoted) Texan, Addington attended Southern Methodist University as a theatre student. He lived his entire life in Dallas, acting in scores of theatrical productions and making appearances in numerous locally- filmed movies and television programs...
11. Wayne Burcham Wayne Burcham Actor, Sexpot
12. Everett Lindsay Everett Lindsay Self, Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Cleveland Browns
13. J.D. Crew J.D. Crew Actor, Chapter Seventy-Four
14. William Dills William Dills Actor, The Chechahcos
15. Nan Pollard Nan Pollard Art Department, The Paint Job
16. James M. Kelly James M. Kelly Self, Space Station 3D
17. Louis Dodge Louis Dodge Writer, Bonnie May
18. Ben Smith Ben Smith Producer, Nokturne: Live 2003-2004 & L.A. City of Chaos Videos
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