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1. Mía Maestro Mía Maestro Actress, Frida Argentinean actress Mia Maestro was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She moved to Berlin when she was 18 years old to train as a classical music vocalist. Along the way, she also trained in dance and acting. She returned to Argentina two years later, made her film debut with the film Tango. This was followed by four other films: The Venice Project...
2. Olivia Hussey Olivia Hussey Actress, Romeo and Juliet At age 15, when most young women are nurturing dreams of romance, Olivia Hussey was giving life to Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet. Her performance in one of the most celebrated roles ever written in the English language won her the Golden Globe and two successive Best Actor Donatello Awards (Italy's Oscar equivalent), an incredible achievement for an actress in only her third film...
3. Luisana Lopilato Luisana Lopilato Actress, Free Birds
4. Guillermo Francella Guillermo Francella Actor, The Secret in Their Eyes
5. Lucila Solá Lucila Solá Actress, Pride and Prejudice
6. Juan Diego Botto Juan Diego Botto Actor, Martin (Hache)
7. Diego Ramos Diego Ramos Actor, Underdogs Diego César Ramos was born in the clinic Marini in Palermo, a quarter of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Before he became an actor, graduated from El Colegio San Francisco de Sales in Córdoba and was attending yearlong commercial course. Then he studied acting with Luisina Brando and Berta Goldenberg...
8. Julieta Díaz Julieta Díaz Actress, Refugiado
9. Martín Piroyansky Martín Piroyansky Actor, XXY
10. Juan Minujín Juan Minujín Actor, Focus Known for his long career as a stage actor. Juan Minujin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 20, 1975. His first big break in the Argentinian film industry was in the role of a doctor swinger in the movie "2 + 2", which in 2012 was the highest grossing box office film in Argentina. During his childhood he lived in Mexico City with his parents...
11. Norma Aleandro Norma Aleandro Actress, Son of the Bride Norma Aleandro is the Grande Dame of Argentine theater and cinema not only because she was not content to have trodden the stage as early as the the age of nine, she is still active in theater and cinema in 2011. Her last film to date, Daniel Burman's La suerte en tus manos is in pre-production), that is sixty-six years later...
12. Gastón Pauls Gastón Pauls Actor, Nine Queens
13. Lali Espósito Lali Espósito Actress, El muro
14. Pablo Rago Pablo Rago Actor, The Secret in Their Eyes
15. Nahuel Pérez Biscayart Nahuel Pérez Biscayart Actor, The Aura
16. Julieta Zylberberg Julieta Zylberberg Actress, Wild Tales
17. Héctor Alterio Héctor Alterio Actor, The Official Story
18. Ariel Winograd Ariel Winograd Director, Cheese Head
19. Celeste Cid Celeste Cid Actress, The German Friend
20. Jazmín Stuart Jazmín Stuart Actress, Phase 7
21. Emilia Attías Emilia Attías Actress, Vinyl Days
22. Peter Lanzani Peter Lanzani Actor, Quase Anjos: A Série
23. Araceli González Araceli González Actress, Alma mía At 15, Araceli was discovered by the designer Daniel Desio and he took her to a fashion show in Mar del Plata, Argentina. During 1985 and 1986 she was working as an advertising model of trade marks; such as Sprite, Adidas, and Christian Dior. In 1987 Araceli met Rubén Torrente and contracted her to host the TV program 'Onda Verde'...
24. Violeta Urtizberea Violeta Urtizberea Actress, Enséñame a vivir
25. Isabel Macedo Isabel Macedo Actress, Dance!
26. Luciano Cáceres Luciano Cáceres Actor, A Fly in the Ashes
27. José Soriano José Soriano Actor, Espérame en el cielo
28. Mariela Vitale Mariela Vitale Actress, The Fish Child
29. Emilio Disi Emilio Disi Actor, Every Stewardess Goes to Heaven
30. Eduardo Blanco Eduardo Blanco Actor, Son of the Bride Blanco started as a theater actor, most notably under the direction of Norma Aleandro in Cyrano de Bergerac as well as having roles in Shakespeare plays like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth. His screen debut was in Victoria 392, where he met and befriended director Juan José Campanella and fellow screenwriter Fernando Castets...
31. Nahuel Viale Nahuel Viale Actor, Glue
32. Dalma Maradona Dalma Maradona Actress, Anger
33. Romina Ricci Romina Ricci Actress, The Bandit
34. Moria Casán Moria Casán Self, La noche de Moria
35. Leonora Balcarce Leonora Balcarce Actress, La Ciénaga Leonora Balcarce started her career very young at 18 years in the television series "Montaña Rusa otra vuelta" in 1996. From there he did theater, film and television. She learned theater for 7 years with the actor Julio Chavez. In 2000 starred in the series "Verano del 98" and this year on film in "La ciénaga" with Graciela Borges and Mercedes Moran.
36. Darío Lopilato Darío Lopilato Actor, Una noche en casa de Gaby
37. Arturo Puig Arturo Puig Actor, Common Ground
38. Sandro Sandro Soundtrack, Subí que te llevo Sandro was born on August 19, 1945, as Roberto Sanchez. He began the secondary school and was expelled in the first year. In 1960 he formed of his first band of music called "Blue Trio" (Trío Azul). Later, when one of the members of the group gone, turned into the duo "The Caribs" (Los Caribes). Dissolved The Caribs in few time...
39. Luciano Castro Luciano Castro Actor, All the Lonely People
40. Alicia Bruzzo Alicia Bruzzo Actress, Alta comedia One of the best actresses of Argentina, she gave a terrifying performance in the film Pasajeros de una pesadilla. Also starred in successful TV series like El Rafa and La pobre Clara, and in theatrical plays as Yo amo a Shirley Valentine.
41. Alberto Lecchi Alberto Lecchi Director, Nuts for Love
42. Soledad Silveyra Soledad Silveyra Actress, Últimos días de la víctima In show business since almost childhood, she is one of the most popular actresses of Argentina. Her first great success was the TV series Rolando Rivas, taxista, where she played Mónica Helguera Paz. She did effective perfomances in theatrical hits like Sabor a miel and Perdidos en Yonkers, and in the movies La malavida and La casa de las siete tumbas.
43. Ana María Picchio Ana María Picchio Actress, Martin (Hache)
44. María Del Cerro María Del Cerro Actress, El muro
45. Eleonora Wexler Eleonora Wexler Actress, Historias Breves I I: Líneas de teléfonos
46. Arturo Goetz Arturo Goetz Actor, Blood Appears
47. Daniel Barone Daniel Barone Director, Locas de amor
48. Ulises Dumont Ulises Dumont Actor, El mismo amor, la misma lluvia
49. Mario Pasik Mario Pasik Actor, Beyond the Limit
50. Fabián Mazzei Fabián Mazzei Actor, El ratón Pérez
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