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1. Guillermo Francella Guillermo Francella Actor, Casados con hijos
2. Juan Diego Botto Juan Diego Botto Actor, Zorro
3. Héctor Alterio Héctor Alterio Actor, The Official Story
4. Ariel Winograd Ariel Winograd Director, Cara de queso 'mi primer ghetto'
5. Sandro Sandro Actor, Subí que te llevo Sandro was born on August 19, 1945, as Roberto Sanchez. He began the secondary school and was expelled in the first year. In 1960 he formed of his first band of music called "Blue Trio" (Trío Azul). Later, when one of the members of the group gone, turned into the duo "The Caribs" (Los Caribes). Dissolved The Caribs in few time...
6. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Actor, Son amores
7. Juan Minujín Juan Minujín Actor, Focus Known for his long career as a stage actor. Juan Minujin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 20, 1975. His first big break in the Argentinian film industry was in the role of a doctor swinger in the movie "2 + 2", which in 2012 was the highest grossing box office film in Argentina. During his childhood he lived in Mexico City with his parents...
8. Araceli González Araceli González Actress, Guapas At 15, Araceli was discovered by the designer Daniel Desio and he took her to a fashion show in Mar del Plata, Argentina. During 1985 and 1986 she was working as an advertising model of trade marks; such as Sprite, Adidas, and Christian Dior. In 1987 Araceli met Rubén Torrente and contracted her to host the TV program 'Onda Verde'...
9. Luciano Castro Luciano Castro Actor, Herederos de una venganza
10. Emilia Attías Emilia Attías Actress, Casi ángeles
11. Eduardo Blanco Eduardo Blanco Actor, Son of the Bride Blanco started as a theater actor, most notably under the direction of Norma Aleandro in Cyrano de Bergerac as well as having roles in Shakespeare plays like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Macbeth. His screen debut was in Victoria 392, where he met and befriended director Juan José Campanella and fellow screenwriter Fernando Castets...
12. Moria Casán Moria Casán Self, Bailando por un sueño
13. Érica García Érica García Music Department, Crank Actress, Singer, composer based in Los Angeles, CA. Raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was nominated for several awards including Grammys (Latin) MTV (LA) and Rolling Stone Magazine Arentina. She recorded three albums for Universal Music, produced by Gustavo Santaolalla. She acted in TV in the show "Franco Buenaventura...
14. Juan Cruz Bordeu Juan Cruz Bordeu Actor, La Ciénaga
15. Gustavo Pastorini Gustavo Pastorini Actor, Whisky Romeo Zulu Gustavo Javier Pastorini was born in a middle-class family in a place called "Villa Urquiza" in the Capital Federal, Buenos Ayres, Argentina. He began to work as a model when he was 18 in 1975, but his first important role was in "El sueño del payaso maravilla" (1976) in the theatre. In 1977 he meets Silvia Peyrou and they became a dance couple and two unconditional friends for more than 25 years...
16. Duilio Orso Duilio Orso Actor, Campeones de la vida
17. Violeta Urtizberea Violeta Urtizberea Actress, Graduados
18. Pepe Soriano Pepe Soriano Actor, Espérame en el cielo
19. Mariela Vitale Mariela Vitale Actress, El niño pez
20. Juan Carlos Copes Juan Carlos Copes Actor, Tango
21. Romina Ricci Romina Ricci Actress, Resistiré
22. Jazmín Stuart Jazmín Stuart Actress, Son amores
23. Nazareno Casero Nazareno Casero Actor, Chronicle of an Escape
24. Arturo Puig Arturo Puig Actor, Grande Pá!
25. Isabel Macedo Isabel Macedo Actress, Guapas
26. Ángel Magaña Ángel Magaña Actor, Su mejor alumno
27. Darío Lopilato Darío Lopilato Actor, Casados con hijos
28. Boy Olmi Boy Olmi Actor, Ciega a citas
29. Gustavo Giannini Gustavo Giannini Producer, Plumíferos - Aventuras voladoras
30. Norberto Díaz Norberto Díaz Actor, Son amores
31. Ana María Picchio Ana María Picchio Actress, Martín (Hache)
32. Leonora Balcarce Leonora Balcarce Actress, La Ciénaga Leonora Balcarce started her career very young at 18 years in the television series "Montaña Rusa otra vuelta" in 1996. From there he did theater, film and television. She learned theater for 7 years with the actor Julio Chavez. In 2000 starred in the series "Verano del 98" and this year on film in "La ciénaga" with Graciela Borges and Mercedes Moran.
33. Andrés Gelós Andrés Gelós Writer, Kdabra
34. Ulises Dumont Ulises Dumont Actor, El mismo amor, la misma lluvia
35. Matías Santoianni Matías Santoianni Actor, 2 ilusiones
36. Alejandro Fiore Alejandro Fiore Actor, Aguas verdes
37. Emilio Disi Emilio Disi Actor, Todas las azafatas van al cielo
38. Fabián Vena Fabián Vena Actor, Resistiré
39. Malena Solda Malena Solda Actress, Nueces para el amor
40. Nahuel Viale Nahuel Viale Actor, Glue
41. Laura Azcurra Laura Azcurra Actress, Campeones de la vida
42. Adolfo García Grau Adolfo García Grau Actor, Los vampiros los prefieren gorditos
43. Nicolás D'Agostino Nicolás D'Agostino Actor, Patito feo
44. Carlos Calvo Carlos Calvo Actor, Cops
45. Rodrigo Moreno Rodrigo Moreno Writer, El custodio
46. Ricardo Passano Ricardo Passano Actor, The Lighthouse
47. Guadalupe Martínez Uría Guadalupe Martínez Uría Actress, Plaza de almas
48. Nahuel Mutti Nahuel Mutti Actor, Lalola
49. Jorge Noya Jorge Noya Actor, Nine Queens
50. Evangelina Salazar Evangelina Salazar Actress, Jacinta Pichimahuida, la maestra que no se olvida
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