7 names.

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1. Menachem Begin Menachem Begin Self, Reagan: The First 100 Days
2. Louis Gruenberg Louis Gruenberg Music Department, Stagecoach Composer ("The Emperor Jones") and pianist, educated at the Vienna Conservatory (Master Class), and a student of F. E. Koch. He came to the USA in 1885 and made his debut as pianist with the Philadelphia Orchestra in Berlin in 1912. From there and through 1919 he continued giving concert tours throughout Europe and the USA...
3. Nina Andrycz Nina Andrycz Actress, Horror w Wesolych Bagniskach
4. Aleksandr Kurs Aleksandr Kurs Writer, Velikiy uteshitel
5. Wladyslaw Badowski Wladyslaw Badowski Actor, Ranny w lesie
6. David Dubinsky David Dubinsky Self, Children Must Laugh
7. Tadeusz Konczyc Tadeusz Konczyc Writer, Ty, co w ostrej swiecisz bramie...
7 names.