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1. Alexandra Rapaport Alexandra Rapaport Actress, The Hunt
2. Jonas Åkerlund Jonas Åkerlund Director, Spun
3. Pia Degermark Pia Degermark Actress, Elvira Madigan Director Bo Widerberg first spotted the teenage Pia Degermark in a newspaper photo, dancing at a party with the Swedish Crown Prince Carl Gustaf (later King Carl XVI Gustaf. Her career seemed assured after Widerberg cast her in the lead of Elvira Madigan, which debuted at Cannes and garnered critical and commercial acclaim...
4. Peter Magnusson Peter Magnusson Writer, Pyjamas Born in Stockholm, Sweden, Upper Secondary school, Gymnasium at Östra Real in Stockholm. Studied film at San Francisco State University and Santa Monica College for three years and American University in London for one year. Began his Comic career with candid camera show Pjamas in ZTV in Sweden, where he took in David Hellenius season two.
5. Nina Norén Nina Norén Actress, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
6. Ulf Brunnberg Ulf Brunnberg Actor, Fyra nyanser av brunt
7. Göran Thorell Göran Thorell Actor, Pelle Svanslös och den stora skattjakten
8. Ulf Larsson Ulf Larsson Actor, 1628 eller Regalskeppet Wasans uppbyggnad och undergång
9. Nils Eklund Nils Eklund Actor, Kråsnålen
10. Monica Nordquist Monica Nordquist Actress, Carmilla
11. Erik Lindgren Erik Lindgren Actor, Rasmus på luffen
12. Diana Kjær Diana Kjær Actress, Fanny Hill
13. Monica Ekman Monica Ekman Actress, Ola & Julia
14. Petter Holmberg Petter Holmberg Actor, Código postal
15. Kjell Grede Kjell Grede Director, God afton, Herr Wallenberg
16. Karin Kavli Karin Kavli Actress, A Woman's Face
17. Bo Jonsson Bo Jonsson Producer, When the Raven Flies
18. Jan Blomberg Jan Blomberg Actor, Nya Dagbladet
19. Bruno Wintzell Bruno Wintzell Actor, The Girl from Petrovka
20. Berit Agedal Berit Agedal Actress, Second Coming of Eva
21. Lickå Sjöman Lickå Sjöman Actress, Fanny and Alexander
22. Ulf Qvarsebo Ulf Qvarsebo Actor, Träpatronerna Ulf Edgar Qvarsebo was a Swedish actor, born on April 15, 1931 in Bromma, Stockholm. He began his acting career at the age of 14 when he traveled around Sweden with his uncle, the famous revue actor Elof Ahrle. He studied at Calle Flygares Theatre School, Stockholm, in 1948. Followed by a large number of roles at many theaters...
23. Mats Sundin Mats Sundin Self, Hockey Night in Canada
24. Fredrik Glimskär Fredrik Glimskär Actor, Lilla Jönssonligan och cornflakeskuppen Fredrik Glimskär grew up in the nice and quiet suburb of Bromma, west of Stockholm. He is 3 years younger than his sister, Therése. He attended Smedslättsskolan in 1992, the very same school once attended by the three royal children of Swede; Victoria, Carl-Philip and Madeleine. He became best friends with his class mate Jonathan...
25. Christer Boustedt Christer Boustedt Composer, Lyftet
26. Sol-Britt Agerup Sol-Britt Agerup Actress, Lillebror och jag
27. Olle Myrberg Olle Myrberg Actor, Kullamannen
28. Lisbeth Zachrisson Lisbeth Zachrisson Actress, The Adventures of Picasso
29. Isabella Kaliff Isabella Kaliff Actress, Smutsiga fingrar
30. Britt-Louise Tillbom Britt-Louise Tillbom Actress, Mina drömmars stad
31. Ingemar Ejve Ingemar Ejve Editor, The Assignment
32. Johan Zachrisson Johan Zachrisson Composer, Aparelho Voador a Baixa Altitude
33. Louise Tillberg Louise Tillberg Actress, Sams
34. Mathias Henrikson Mathias Henrikson Actor, Terror of Frankenstein
35. Lars-Henrik Ottoson Lars-Henrik Ottoson Director, Gorilla Safari
36. Peter Edding Peter Edding Actor, August Palms äventyr
37. Bengt Peters Bengt Peters Production Designer, The Return of the Jonsson League
38. Anna Erlandsson Anna Erlandsson Director, Glenn, the Great Runner
39. Inger Axö Inger Axö Actress, Mästerdetektiven och Rasmus
40. Adolf Paul Adolf Paul Writer, The Palace of Pleasure
41. Jan Myrdal Jan Myrdal Director, Myglaren
42. Arne Andersson Arne Andersson Actor, Springpojkar ä vi allihopa!
43. Eva Sachtleben Eva Sachtleben Actress, Tre glada tokar
44. Ola Lendahl Ola Lendahl Actor, Kalle Karlsson från Jularbo
45. Hans Ellis Hans Ellis Actor, Summer with Monika
46. Anita Irene Wall Anita Irene Wall Actress, Moa
47. Ingemar Pallin Ingemar Pallin Actor, Sommarflickan
48. Carl-Hugo Calander Carl-Hugo Calander Actor, Herr Arnes penningar
49. Wiveka Warenfalk Wiveka Warenfalk Actress, Hem till byn
50. Hulda Malmström Hulda Malmström Actress, Skeppargatan 40
1-50 of 55 names.