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1. Pip Torrens Pip Torrens Actor, Pride & Prejudice
2. Jerome Flynn Jerome Flynn Actor, Black Mirror
3. Duncan Jones Duncan Jones Director, Moon
4. Zoë Tapper Zoë Tapper Actress, Stage Beauty
5. Danny Mac Danny Mac Actor, Hollyoaks Danny was born in Bromley, Kent on February 26 1988 but grew up on the south coast of England in West Sussex. He is the second born of 4 children with 2 Brothers and 1 Younger Sister. Danny is the only member in his family to follow a career in Acting - He was given his first professional role in Cameron...
6. H.G. Wells H.G. Wells Writer, The War of the Worlds Writer, born in Bromley, Kent. He was apprenticed to a draper, tried teaching, studied biology in London, then made his mark in journalism and literature. He played a vital part in disseminating the progressive ideas which characterized the first part of the 20th-c. He achieved fame with scientific fantasies such as The Time Machine (1895) and War of the Worlds (1898)...
7. Paul Cavanagh Paul Cavanagh Actor, Tarzan and His Mate Cambridge-educated Paul Cavanagh appeared in pictures as the epitome of the debonair, well-dressed Englishman. The former barrister and Royal Canadian Mountie turned to acting in 1924 and had a starring role on Broadway in 'Scotland Yard' (1929). His film career began in 1928 and lasted just over three decades...
8. Dick Pope Dick Pope Cinematographer, The Illusionist
9. Edna Doré Edna Doré Actress, Les Misérables
10. Ruthie Henshall Ruthie Henshall Actress, Billy Elliot Ruthie Henshall was born on March 7 in Bromlay, England, UK. She has been dancing for most of her life and has appeared in such shows as "Cats" and "A Chorusline." Miss Henshall has a debut album entitled "Love is Here to Stay, " a tribute to the music of the Gershwins. This multi-talented star of the stage can sing from a low belt to a high soprano...
11. Justine Lord Justine Lord Actress, The Saint
12. Howard Goodall Howard Goodall Music Department, Johnny English Howard Goodall was educated at New College School, Stowe School and Lord Williams's School. A boy chorister, he studied music at Christ Church, Oxford, where he achieved a First. He became known to the public for composing the theme tunes to popular BBC comedy series such as The Black Adder, Red Dwarf and The Vicar of Dibley...
13. Peter Burton Peter Burton Actor, Dr. No
14. Vicki Woolf Vicki Woolf Actress, The Saint
15. Vanessa Pett Vanessa Pett Actress, London's Burning She also starred in the TV film Going Home: Shebbear, by writer-director John Pett (her father). This was a combination of documentary and drama, semi-autobiographical in nature. Set in the Thirties, it centered on the life of Pett's family in the North Devon village of Shebbear, which even today remains isolated from the mainstream of west-country life...
16. Fatboy Slim Fatboy Slim Soundtrack, Lost in Space
17. Robert Morgan Robert Morgan Actor, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
18. Morris Perry Morris Perry Actor, The Debt
19. Gillian Lynne Gillian Lynne Miscellaneous Crew, The Phantom of the Opera
20. Kim Medcalf Kim Medcalf Actress, EastEnders
21. Jane Downs Jane Downs Actress, A Night to Remember
22. Chris Hollins Chris Hollins Self, Run, Fatboy, Run
23. Poly Styrene Poly Styrene Soundtrack, Sid and Nancy
24. Leslie French Leslie French Actor, The Avengers
25. Antoinette Sibley Antoinette Sibley Actress, The Turning Point
26. Barrett Heathcote Barrett Heathcote Editor, Mute
27. Darren Sean Enright Darren Sean Enright Actor, Cannibals and Carpet Fitters Born in Kent, Darren began acting at an early age at 11 years old he was spotted by Dorren English a early founder of children's theatrical agents. Darren soon went onto work with the BBC in productions also TVS Television south west amongst others. He has continued to work in film and television since then building a long list of theatrical work.
28. Ann Windsor Ann Windsor Actress, To Have and to Hold
29. Aleta Morrison Aleta Morrison Actress, The Sicilians
30. Sian Martin Sian Martin Actress, The Beach
31. Andrew Kotting Andrew Kotting Director, By Our Selves
32. Chrissy Iddon Chrissy Iddon Actress, Prince Regent
33. Desmond Carrington Desmond Carrington Actor, Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School
34. Angela Saunders Angela Saunders Actress, Dream Team
35. Jacqueline Gold Jacqueline Gold Self, The Panel
36. Talbot Rothwell Talbot Rothwell Writer, Carry On... Don't Lose Your Head A former police officer and pilot, Talbot Rothwell had an unorthodox entry into show business: as a prisoner of war in a German POW camp during WW II, Rothwell, out of boredom (and also to cover the noise of prisoners digging escape tunnels), got involved in camp entertainment shows, writing comedy sketches with fellow prisoner Peter Butterworth (who later worked with him in the "Carry On" series)...
37. Trevor Dudley Smith Trevor Dudley Smith Writer, The Quiller Memorandum
38. Charles Morgan Charles Morgan Writer, The Fountain
39. Helen Rappaport Helen Rappaport Actress, Confessional
40. Edward Howell Edward Howell Actor, For the Term of His Natural Life
41. Michael Danvers-Walker Michael Danvers-Walker Actor, The Avengers
42. Roger Mills Roger Mills Director, Pole to Pole
43. Nigel Stafford-Clark Nigel Stafford-Clark Producer, Bleak House Nigel Stafford-Clark was born in Bromley,Kent,and educated at Felsted and Trinity College Cambridge. He is the son of the distinguished psychiatrist David Stafford-Clark, and the younger brother of the theatre director Max Stafford-Clark. After getting his start in television commercials,he has been...
44. Robert Dean Robert Dean Actor, The Avengers
45. Grace Denbeigh-Russell Grace Denbeigh-Russell Actress, Great Expectations
46. Derek Lamb Derek Lamb Producer, Goldtooth
47. Mary Stark Mary Stark Actress, Chaplin
48. Ike Khan Ike Khan Actor, Gwaith/Cartref Ike Khan is a director, writer and actor known for The Broker's Man (1998), Daisy and the Tramp (2012) and The Making of 'Mutant Chronicles' (2009). He is a founding partner of Pinewood Studios based production company NKM Media. A former architect, Ike moved to a career in film after several years of acting and directing theatre productions...
49. Gerry Howell Gerry Howell Self, The Play's the Thing
50. Jacky Gillott Jacky Gillott Self, Midweek
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