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1. Stewart Finlay-McLennan Stewart Finlay-McLennan Actor, National Treasure
2. Chips Rafferty Chips Rafferty Actor, Mutiny on the Bounty Years before Jack Thompson arrived on the scene, Chips Rafferty was regarded by many as the personification of the stereotypically rugged, straightforward and laconic Aussie male. Tall and thin, though not particularly striking in appearance, Rafferty was a tailor-made star for the austere, modestly-budgeted dramas made 'down under' in the 1940's and 50's...
3. Corey Page Corey Page Actor, Loving
4. Dorothy Alison Dorothy Alison Actress, See No Evil
5. Vera Pearce Vera Pearce Actress, One Wild Oat
6. Steve Abbott Steve Abbott Actor, The Scree
7. June Bronhill June Bronhill Actress, The Merry Widow
8. Muriel Steinbeck Muriel Steinbeck Actress, Long John Silver
9. Peter Waters Peter Waters Self, Liebeslieder
10. Ron Beck Ron Beck Producer, The Lion Was the First to Know Ronald Richard Beck was the first child of Richard Joseph and Pearl Eileen Beck and had a brother Rex Bernard (1918-1983) and a sister Maxine Joan (1924-1998). Ron grew up in Adelaide and performed in local theatrical productions before joining J C Williamson's as a principal comedian in 1938/9. During...
11. John Krummel John Krummel Actor, One Night Stand
12. Peter Boland Peter Boland Actor, Episode #1.687
13. Pro Hart Pro Hart Self, Waltzing Matilda: The Song That Shaped a Nation
14. Frank Waters Frank Waters Actor, The Slaughter of St Theresa's Day
15. Samantha E. Hill Samantha E. Hill Actress, Hanging at Picnic Rock
15 names.