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1. Kristian Alfonso Kristian Alfonso Actress, Joshua Tree
2. Pooch Hall Pooch Hall Actor, Jumping the Broom Pooch Hall was born on February 8th 1976 in Brockton, Massachussetts. There he played football, ran track and boxed. Pooch won the Southern New England golden gloves in 1994. He started acting at the age of 21. He started in commercials and then made his debut in the film Lift. He played Derrick...
3. John Doucette John Doucette Actor, Patton Stocky, balding American character actor with a rich, deep voice, equally adept at Western bad guys and Shakespeare. He began his career in films in minor roles, primarily as gangland henchmen, and progressed to become widely familiar as a figure in a variety of dramas and occasional comedies. Although a stalwart and reliable supporting player...
4. John Cariani John Cariani Actor, Kissing Jessica Stein John is an award-winning actor and an accomplished playwright. As an actor, he has appeared on and Off Broadway, at regional theaters across the country, and in several films and television shows. His first break came when he was cast in the off-Broadway play "It's My Party (And I'll Die if I want To)"...
5. Richard Doyle Richard Doyle Actor, Air Force One
6. Shawn Fanning Shawn Fanning Self, The Italian Job
7. Peter Jay Fernandez Peter Jay Fernandez Actor, The Adjustment Bureau
8. Rocky Marciano Rocky Marciano Self, The Super Fight Rocky Marciano was the only undefeated boxing champion in any weight division (until Joe Calzaghe retired 46-0 in 2009). At the end of his career he was 49-0, with 43 of his victories coming by knockouts. Rocky made his boxing debut in 1947 at the age of 24 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, by knocking out Lee Epperson in the third round...
9. Bill Phillips Bill Phillips Writer, Christine Born in Brockton, Massachusetts. First Play was a one-act performed at the Massachusetts Drama Festival in 1966: To Be or Not. Second Play was performed there in 1967: The Madison Avenue Muse. Attended Dartmouth College, where he was a Senior Fellow in Film in 1971. Attended U.S.C., where he received an M.F.A...
10. Zachary Pauliks Zachary Pauliks Actor, The Departed
11. George V. Higgins George V. Higgins Writer, Killing Them Softly
12. Evelyn Scott Evelyn Scott Actress, Wicked Woman Began her career as Los Angeles' first female disc jockey on radio station KMPC. The actress became a regular on Peyton Place which was based on a Grace Metalious novel and 1957 movie of the same title. Considered scandalous for its time, the show depicted the extramarital affairs, dark secrets and skulduggery of residents of a small New England town called Peyton Place...
13. Al Davis Al Davis Self, Straight Outta L.A. Allen "Al" Davis, the man who is synonymous with the Oakland Raiders franchise of the National Football League and its earlier American Football League incarnation, was born on the Fourth of July, 1929 into a Jewish family in Brockton, Massachusetts. Raised in Brooklyn and educated at the borough's Erasmus High School, he played football at Syracuse University, but was cut from the varsity team...
14. Michael Ventresco Michael Ventresco Visual Effects, Casino
15. Gayle Tufts Gayle Tufts Self, Jugendsünden
16. Alfred Hall Alfred Hall Actor, Pretty Dolly
17. Joe Plouffe Joe Plouffe Actor, The Judge
18. Arthur Mercante Arthur Mercante Self, Cinderella Man: The Real Jim Braddock Story
19. Brenn Wyson Brenn Wyson Actor, Grand Slam: Little Big League IV
20. Zoe Pauliks Zoe Pauliks Actress, Dan in Real Life
21. Robert Pastene Robert Pastene Actor, The Edge of Night
22. William Arnold William Arnold Actor, The Overland Express
23. Dan Maccarone Dan Maccarone Actor, Macbeth
24. Sherman Feller Sherman Feller Soundtrack, Fingers Composer, songwriter ("Snow, Snow, Beautiful Snow", "It's Easter Time") and author, educated at the Suffolk University Law School (LL.B) and the Emerson College of Oratory. He worked in radio in Boston and New York, and did the first known all-night radio show. He also was a columnist for the Boston 'American'...
25. Lou Colombo Lou Colombo Actor, Yankee Dollar
26. Kerry Gorman Kerry Gorman Actress, No Retreat from Destiny: The Battle That Rescued Washington
27. Sonny Dunham Sonny Dunham Actor, Sonny Dunham and His Orchestra in Jive Busters
28. George Hurley George Hurley Soundtrack, We Jam Econo: The Story of the Minutemen George Hurley formed the legendary punk rock band, Minutemen, with D. Boon and Mike Watt in 1980. The trio went on to release 11 albums in less than six years and toured maniacally, but then the tragic death of Boon in late December of 1985 caused their abrupt demise. Hurley and...
29. Robert L. Harrington II Robert L. Harrington II Editorial Department, Larry Davis
30. Matthew Overstreet Matthew Overstreet Director, Sleep Matthew was born in Brockton, Massachusetts to Robert and Michelle Overstreet in 1983. He graduated from Whitman Hanson Regional High School in 2002 and went onto the University of Massachusetts, Boston where he was introduced to video production. Matthew co-founded the film production company, Divinus Entertainment in 2005 with business partner Christopher J...
31. Kevin Stevens Kevin Stevens Thanks, Sudden Death
32. Kevin Galligan Kevin Galligan Actor, The Deserter
33. Steve Balboni Steve Balboni Self, New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox
34. Adele Corey Adele Corey Actress, Heartbreakers
35. Wyatt Tee Walker Wyatt Tee Walker Self, 4 Little Girls
36. Frank D'Rone Frank D'Rone Self, Episode #3.185
37. Alvin Marill Alvin Marill Thanks, Sidney Poitier: One Bright Light
38. Scott Manning Scott Manning Actor, Nowheresville Born and raised in Brockton, Massachusetts. Scott went to school in S. Easton, Massachusetts for Graphic Design. Scott Auditioned and landed some commercial work, appearing as a sulking husband in a Black & Decker commercial... a very funny commercial. He also worked on several small independent projects...
39. Robin Brodsky Robin Brodsky Actress, Victor's Big Score
40. Frank Minzey Frank Minzey Actor, Juggling Justice
41. John Nesti John Nesti Actor, The Deserter
42. Dick Johnson Dick Johnson Music Department, Stocking Stuffers
43. Toni Stanton Toni Stanton Miscellaneous Crew, Episode #1.5
44. Bob Cottle Bob Cottle Actor, The Ruff & Reddy Show
45. Bob Edgecomb Bob Edgecomb Actor, Francis Goes to West Point
46. Max Kaminsky Max Kaminsky Self, A Great Day in Harlem
47. Bob Pastine Bob Pastine Uncategorised
48. Goody Petronelli Goody Petronelli Self, Marvelous Marvin Hagler
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