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1. Lesley Manville Lesley Manville Actress, Maleficent Lesley Manville was born on March 12, 1956 in Brighton, East Sussex, England. She is a multi award winning stage and screen actress and has worked extensively with the director Mike Leigh. She is known for Another Year (2010), All or Nothing (2002), Topsy-Turvy (1999), Secrets & Lies (1996).
2. Wanda Ventham Wanda Ventham Actress, Asylum
3. Amanda Redman Amanda Redman Actress, Sexy Beast
4. Arthur Treacher Arthur Treacher Actor, Mary Poppins Born Arthur Veary Treacher in Brighton, East Sussex, England, he was the son of a lawyer. He established a stage career after returning from World War I, and by 1928, he had come to America as part of a musical-comedy revue called Great Temptations. When his film career began in the early 1930s, Treacher was Hollywood's idea of the perfect butler...
5. Samantha Womack Samantha Womack Actress, Breeders
6. Katie Price Katie Price Self, Episode #1.5
7. Holly Willoughby Holly Willoughby Self, Episode dated 22 May 2014
8. Robert Wisden Robert Wisden Actor, Watchmen
9. Ray Brooks Ray Brooks Actor, The Knack... and How to Get It
10. Jack Clayton Jack Clayton Producer, The Innocents
11. Peter Polycarpou Peter Polycarpou Actor, Evita
12. Beth Cordingly Beth Cordingly Actress, 252 Beth Cordingly is an English actress originally born Rebecca Cordingly. She attended Brighton and Hove High School and later attended Birmingham University leaving with a double first in English and Drama. Besides her acting career, Beth Cordingly has worked with charities such as the NSPCC and was awarded at the House of Commons because of her work...
13. Daisy Hilton Daisy Hilton Actress, Freaks Born to a barmaid, Daisy and her conjoined twin sister Violet Hilton were raised by the midwife who delivered them. This woman, Mary Hilton, saw her meal ticket in the curly-haired babies and trained them to perform. The girls were ill-treated and kept in a state of poverty until they arranged a private meeting with a lawyer at the age of 23...
14. David Collings David Collings Actor, Scrooge
15. Violet Hilton Violet Hilton Actress, Freaks Born to a barmaid, Violet and her conjoined twin sister Daisy Hilton were raised by the midwife who delivered them. This woman, Mary Hilton, saw her meal ticket in the curly-haired babies and trained them to perform. The girls were ill-treated and kept in a state of poverty until they arranged a private meeting with a lawyer at the age of 23...
16. Seann Walsh Seann Walsh Self, Episode #4.10
17. Geraldine Newman Geraldine Newman Actress, Agatha Christie's Miss Marple: Sleeping Murder
18. Derek Francis Derek Francis Actor, Scrooge
19. Bella Emberg Bella Emberg Actress, Fuel
20. Chris Wilson Chris Wilson Actor, Ill Manors
21. Sean Bury Sean Bury Actor, Friends
22. Herbert Rawlinson Herbert Rawlinson Actor, Dark Victory Leading man in Hollywood silents. In sound films thereafter, he was a character player until the year he died.
23. Roland Pertwee Roland Pertwee Writer, Dinner at the Ritz Actor/writer Roland Pertwee was born in Brighton, England, in 1885. He began his career in the arts as a painter, and received a scholarship to attend the Royal Academy School of Art. His career as a painter didn't last long, however; after several individuals who commissioned him to paint their portraits were so unsatisfied with his work that they refused to pay for it...
24. Tony Hawks Tony Hawks Self, One Hit Wonderland Tony Hawks originally started out as a singer and song writer, however his first brush with the charts was with novelty pop act "Morris Minor and the Majors". Their first hit was the Beastie Boys parody "Stutter Rap" which in 1988 hit #4 in the UK charts, #2 in Australia and #14 in Canada. Their follow up single "This is the Chorus" a spot-on dig at the Stock...
25. Michael Kilgarriff Michael Kilgarriff Actor, The Dark Crystal
26. Alfred Drayton Alfred Drayton Actor, Look Up and Laugh Stocky, bald and rather cold-eyed English character actor, who made a career of playing choleric, hectoring or exasperated authority figures. A former brewery worker, he first appeared in amateur dramatics and over the years built up a reputation as an incisive theatrical performer, both in stage farces and in dramatic roles...
27. Peter Mayle Peter Mayle Writer, A Good Year
28. Stephanie Parker Stephanie Parker Actress, Movement
29. Jamie Langlands Jamie Langlands Actor, That's Not Me
30. Billy Hamon Billy Hamon Actor, To Encourage the Others
31. Eva Moore Eva Moore Actress, The Old Dark House
32. Christopher Terrill Christopher Terrill Director, Commando: On the Front Line
33. James Pertwee James Pertwee Actor, Die Tunnelgangster von Berlin
34. Boyd Irwin Boyd Irwin Actor, The Major and the Minor
35. Vicki Woolf Vicki Woolf Actress, The Great Waltz
36. Louise Burton Louise Burton Actress, No Flowers by Request
37. Tommy Holman Tommy Holman Camera and Electrical Department, Captain America: The First Avenger
38. Peter Stockbridge Peter Stockbridge Actor, Elizabeth Born in Brighton, East Sussex in 1920, Peter started acting in small roles before leaving the profession to become a teacher. When he retired, Peter returned to acting, mostly on television.
39. Red Symons Red Symons Self, Shafted
40. Anthony Woodruff Anthony Woodruff Actor, This Sporting Life
41. Daisy Rock Daisy Rock Actress, Ink
42. Max Miller Max Miller Actor, Hoots Mon He was one of Britain's prime comedians of the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. The beloved, notoriously ribald Max Miller was born of humble circumstances in Brighton, England in 1894. The juvenile dropped out of school at 12 and drifted about aimlessly for several years until called up by the Army to serve in the First World War...
43. Luke Cresswell Luke Cresswell Director, Wild Ocean
44. David Van Day David Van Day Self, Celebrities Destroyed by Cocaine!
45. Edmund Willard Edmund Willard Actor, Phantom Ship
46. Adrian Brunel Adrian Brunel Director, The Lion Has Wings Producer/director Adrian Brunel was a major director in England during the 1920s and 1930s. He founded Minerva Films in partnership with actor Leslie Howard, but his career started to fade during World War II. He later founded the London Film Society, an organization dedicated to eliminating censorship in Britain which prevented many classic Russian films from being seen in British theaters...
47. Amber Coombs Amber Coombs Actress, Heathen
48. Chesney Allen Chesney Allen Actor, Gasbags
49. Harry Lorraine Harry Lorraine Actor, Wireless
50. Michael Fabricant Michael Fabricant Self, Episode #45.6
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