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1. Rafaela Mandelli Rafaela Mandelli Actress, Reis e Ratos
2. Adrianne Sachs Adrianne Sachs Actress, RoboCop
3. Mateus Solano Mateus Solano Actor, Amor à Vida
4. Patricia Pillar Patricia Pillar Actress, A Favorita
5. Rosanne Mulholland Rosanne Mulholland Actress, Carrossel
6. José Eduardo Belmonte José Eduardo Belmonte Director, Se Nada Mais Der Certo
7. Breno Silveira Breno Silveira Director, Two Sons of Francisco
8. René Sampaio René Sampaio Director, Sinistro
9. Thiago Moyses Thiago Moyses Director, Z.A.N. Thiago Moyses has worked in uncountable short and feature films as Director, Cinematographer, Film Editor, Special Effects Designer, script Writer and Animator. The feature film "Sindrome de Pinocchio", directed by Thiago, was among other nine movies in Brazil's pre-selection for 2010's Foreing Language Nominee to Academy Awards...
10. Pedro Amorim Pedro Amorim Director, Mato Sem Cachorro
11. Matheus Souza Matheus Souza Writer, Apenas o Fim
12. Maria Ramos Maria Ramos Director, Juízo Maria Augusta Ramos was born in Brasília, DF. Brazil in 1964. Graduated in Music at UNB University (Brazil), she moved to Paris, where she completed her studies in Musicology and Electroacoustic Music at the Groupe de Recherche Musicale (Radio France) and later in London (City University). In 1990, she moved to Holland...
13. Eryk Rocha Eryk Rocha Director, Cinema Novo
14. Bruno Torres Bruno Torres Producer, O Último Raio de Sol Bruno Torres is an actor, producer and movie director. He has worked in 40 movies in different positions, 25 of them being feature films and 15 short films. He directed the short films "O Último Raio De Sol", "A Noite Por Testemunha", "O Tempo Do Plano" and "Encontro Das Águas". As an actor, he worked in the Rede Globo's soap opera "Insensato Coração" and in the features "Somos Tão Jovens"...
15. Noelle Pinne Noelle Pinne Actress, O Império do Sexo Explícito
16. Rainer Cadete Rainer Cadete Actor, Verdades Secretas
17. Vinicius Zinn Vinicius Zinn Actor, RIP Whats Left of Me
18. Murilo Rosa Murilo Rosa Actor, Orquestra dos Meninos
19. Rafael Almeida Rafael Almeida Actor, Páginas da Vida
20. Françoise Forton Françoise Forton Actress, The Clone
21. Maria Paula Maria Paula Actress, De Pernas pro Ar
22. Rodrigo Tavares Rodrigo Tavares Cinematographer, La riña
23. Adriana Nunes Adriana Nunes Actress, Hermanoteu na Terra de Godah
24. André Moraes André Moraes Composer, Payback
25. Antonio Silva Antonio Silva Actor, The Scorpion King 4: Quest for Power When he was aged 3, Antonio Carlos Silva observed a karate demonstration at a playground, which stirred his interest in the martial arts, and later lead to him being one of the most agile heavyweights in Mixed Martial Arts. Silva trained in karate for 13 years before transitioning to Jiu Jitsu in his native Brazil...
26. Juliana Lopes Juliana Lopes Actress, Vidas Opostas
27. Saulo Vasconcelos Saulo Vasconcelos Actor, A Lei e o Crime
28. Murilo Grossi Murilo Grossi Actor, The Clone
29. Erik de Castro Erik de Castro Director, Federal
30. Kaká Kaká Self, Caiga quien caiga
31. Iberê Carvalho Iberê Carvalho Writer, O Último Cine Drive-in Winner of the prize of the best latin-american short in the 30º edition of the International Cinema Festival of Havana, Cuba with the film To Ask for Forgiveness (Para Pedir Perdão), he was also awarded the best prize by Cartoon Network, on the movie for children between 7 and 11 years category, in the Festival Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2011 with the movie Los Dog (Procura-se)...
32. Gustavo Galvão Gustavo Galvão Producer, Nove Crônicas para um Coração aos Berros Gustavo Galvão was born in Brasilia, on August 18th, 1976. Having directed and released two features and seven short films between 2002 and 2013, he has secured his place as one of the Brazilian capital's most prolific filmmakers. His films have been shown at over 100 festivals worldwide and purchased by major TV broadcasters in Brazil...
33. Ana Paula Padrão Ana Paula Padrão Self, MasterChef Profissionais
34. Denise Milfont Denise Milfont Actress, Césio 137 - O Pesadelo de Goiânia
35. Luiz Garcia Jr. Luiz Garcia Jr. Actor, Driven
36. Marcelo Barbosa Marcelo Barbosa Producer, Os Sonhos de um Sonhador: A História de Frank Aguiar
37. Mariza Sommer Mariza Sommer Actress, Pecado Horizontal
38. Vanessa Barum Vanessa Barum Actress, Barriga de Aluguel
39. Matheus Petinacci Matheus Petinacci Actor, Mandacaru
40. Welder Rodrigues Welder Rodrigues Actor, Hermanoteu na Terra de Godah
41. Syang Syang Self, Esse Artista Sou Eu
42. Clarice Cardell Clarice Cardell Actress, The Blind Man Who Shouted Light
43. Amoroso Amoroso Self, Pânico na TV
44. Thayana Thayana Self, Tout le monde en parle
45. Roberta Almeida Roberta Almeida Actress, #Feique
46. Tânia Mara Tânia Mara Soundtrack, Páginas da Vida
47. Ana Paula Grande Ana Paula Grande Actress, Amigas e Rivais
48. Bruna De Araujo Bruna De Araujo Cinematographer, Rosa negra 1: Los labios mienten
49. Flávio Lemos Flávio Lemos Soundtrack, Areias Escaldantes
50. Milton Guedes Milton Guedes Soundtrack, Ti Ti Ti
1-50 of 123 names.