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1. Jeremy Shada Jeremy Shada Actor, Adventure Time
2. Claire Blackwelder Claire Blackwelder Actress, Power Rangers Dino Charge
3. Cissy Jones Cissy Jones Actress, Firewatch
4. Johnny Sequoyah Johnny Sequoyah Actress, Believe
5. Bayley Corman Bayley Corman Actress, The Hatred
6. Kristine Sutherland Kristine Sutherland Actress, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Kristine Sutherland's first love was theater. She went to an audition in high school as moral support for a friend but ended up auditioning herself. She worked as an actress on stage through the 80s, landing a few pilot roles as well as her small secretary part in Legal Eagles and her big-screen debut in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids...
7. Torrie Wilson Torrie Wilson Actress, WWE Raw Torrie Wilson and The Franchise Shane Douglas make one of the most dynamic duos in Wrestling today. Torrie spent a great amount of time in WCW when she was not fulfilling her potential but that changed the day she became the valet for The Franchise Shane Douglas. Using all the dirty tricks of the trade...
8. Keith Campbell Keith Campbell Stunts, Forrest Gump
9. Moriah 'Shining Dove' Snyder Moriah 'Shining Dove' Snyder Actress, The Prophecy This Multi Talented young lady won her first award at age two when her Mother entered her into a local beauty pageant baby contest, and she's been coming in first ever since. Moriah Shining Dove Snyder who traces her roots back to the Shoshone American Indian Tribe is a talented actress and singer who appeared in many musicals before winning the 1992 National Junior Vocalist title on Star Search...
10. Kimberlee Peterson Kimberlee Peterson Actress, Homecoming Kimberlee Peterson was raised most of her life in Colorado. From the time she was born, life was pretty much her stage. Whether she was trying out new moves in dance class or exploring the dangers of gymnastics, the one constant is that she did it with passion and determination. Her family was always amazed and entertained by her "presentation." As a child Kimberlee was slight in stature...
11. Zack Shada Zack Shada Actor, Ice Age: The Meltdown
12. Josh Hammond Josh Hammond Actor, Jeepers Creepers II
13. Kamian Allen Kamian Allen Actress, Regarding Henry
14. Bridget Powers Bridget Powers Actress, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
15. Tiffany Watson Tiffany Watson Actress, Tushy Tiffany Watson was born in Boise, Idaho, USA. Tiffany was born into a family of four, having three sisters. Her parents divorced when she was very young and her father adopted the Mormon religion. Despite being aware of the Mormon religion and customs, Tiffany marched to the beat of her own rebellious drum during her teen years...
16. Christina Fulton Christina Fulton Actress, Snake Eyes
17. Marc Ewins Marc Ewins Actor, 100 Degrees Below Zero
18. Clancy Cooper Clancy Cooper Actor, A Time to Love and a Time to Die
19. Zachary Kranzler Zachary Kranzler Producer, The Extraordinary Farewell
20. Michael Taylor Donovan Michael Taylor Donovan Actor, Damaged Goods
21. Phyllis Brooks Phyllis Brooks Actress, Charlie Chan in Honolulu
22. Dick Wesson Dick Wesson Actor, The Invaders
23. Sarah Bastian Sarah Bastian Actress, The Challenge
24. Clarence Lung Clarence Lung Actor, Operation Petticoat
25. Josh Shada Josh Shada Actor, Mr. Woodcock
26. Veronica Stone Veronica Stone Actress, Bustful of Dollars Tall (5'8"), slim, and sexy brunette stunner Veronica Stone was born Heather Huffman on December 28, 1985 in Boise, Idaho. The striking blue-eyed beauty first began performing in explicit hardcore movies in 2005. Among the notable companies Veronica appeared in X-rated features for are Sin City, Club Jenna...
27. Beverly Pratt Beverly Pratt Actress, Broadway Rhythm
28. Donald 'Donny' York Donald 'Donny' York Self, Sha Na Na
29. John Robert Crawford John Robert Crawford Actor, Red Line 7000
30. Harley Jade Harley Jade Actress, Karma
31. Oliver Drake Oliver Drake Writer, Riders of the Whistling Skull
32. Mel Ruick Mel Ruick Actor, Sun Valley Serenade
33. Curtis Stigers Curtis Stigers Music Department, Sons of Anarchy
34. Linda Perry Linda Perry Actress, They Won't Forget
35. Reggie Gowland Reggie Gowland Actor, ROVER: Or Beyond Human - The Venusian Future and the Return of the Next Level
36. Kate Harrington Kate Harrington Actress, All My Children
37. Judy Lynn Judy Lynn Self, Sing It Again
38. Kurt Stefano Kurt Stefano Actor, Thunderballs
39. Kate Faucett Kate Faucett Actress, Good Little Sluts
40. Bruce Heller Bruce Heller Visual Effects, The Hunchback of Notre Dame Working as one of the most proficient effects animators during the past three decades, Bruce Heller is especially notable for carrying on the tradition of classical animation that had originally flowered in the Walt Disney Studio. Bruce gained an early appreciation of art and design from his family...
41. Butch Taylor Butch Taylor Actor, Fratrimony
42. Michael Galloway Michael Galloway Actor, The Blue Angels
43. Thom Pace Thom Pace Composer, Night of the Comet
44. Jerramy Stevens Jerramy Stevens Self, 2005 NFC Championship Game
45. Kyle Morris Kyle Morris Actor, Avenged Kyle Morris was born and raised in Boise, Idaho with a love of horror films and comic books. He studied Special Fx Makeup and Illustration growing up through his younger years. In College, while studying Culinary Arts, he realized his passion was in front of the camera when he auditioned for a small role in a local low budget feature and ended up booking the Lead...
46. Tye Lombardi Tye Lombardi Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Rush Hour 3
47. Lyric Bowman Lyric Bowman Actress, The Veronica Exclusive Lyric Elizabeth Bowman was born on September 28, 1996, to Dan and Dorothy Bowman of Boise, Idaho. She has two siblings, a 4-years-younger sister named Jayce and a 16-years-younger brother named Reid. She spent the majority of her childhood in Idaho, either Boise or Meridian, and graduated from Rocky Mountain High School in 2014...
48. Grant Geller Grant Geller Actor, Scary Endings
49. Tara Everhart Tara Everhart Writer, This Is Martin Bonner
50. Brendan McFadden Brendan McFadden Actor, Cold Weather Brendan McFadden was born in Boise, Idaho and grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He took classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers while in high school and attended college at the North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking where he studied directing and lived with future collaborators Chad Hartigan, Aaron Katz, and Marc Ripper.
1-50 of 97 names.