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1. Joel Higgins Joel Higgins Actor, Search for Tomorrow
2. James Murdock James Murdock Actor, The Godfather: Part II
3. Richard Webb Richard Webb Actor, Out of the Past
4. Kathleen McClellan Kathleen McClellan Actress, For Better or for Worse
5. Forrest Taylor Forrest Taylor Actor, Riders of Destiny Minor American character actor Forrest Taylor was a veteran of the stage by the time he started appearing as a silent lead in both short and feature-length films. He went on to appear in hundreds of secondary "B" movies, although his name does not appear in a large percentage of them. Taylor was born Edwin Forrest Taylor in Bloomington...
6. Patrick Hancock Patrick Hancock Actor, Blades of Glory
7. Betty Jane Watson Betty Jane Watson Actress, Winner Take All Cousin of Jean Stapleton. Daughter of James R. Watson and Elizabeth Jane Stapleton Watson. Attended Lincoln Junior High School, Rockford, Illinois. Studied voice at the American Conservatory of Music, Chicago, Illinois. She made her Broadway debut in 1944 when she succeeded Joan Roberts in the role of "Laurey" in "Oklahoma!"...
8. Randall Oliver Randall Oliver Actor, Rugaru Starting his acting career in 1984 in Houston, Texas. Randall went to Los Angeles in 1989 with beer commercial residuals and a SAG card. After 5 years there he was co-starring in a western athletic stunt series Wild West Showdown, the first ever series by Samuel Goldwyn canceled after one season. He then returned to be with his family in Arkansas...
9. Edward H. Griffith Edward H. Griffith Director, The Sky's the Limit Born in Virginia and educated in Europe, Edward H. Griffith started out as a newspaper reporter, then switched to magazine writing. He took to the Broadway stage, and entered films as an actor/writer for the Edison Co. in 1915. He soon began directing two-reelers, graduating to features in 1917. Though the majority of his output was routine...
10. George Lincoln Rockwell George Lincoln Rockwell Self, The Hour Has Seven Days As a veteran of the U.S. Navy, Rockwell applied burial in Arlington National Cemetery however, it was denied. After his assassination he was allowed to be buried in Culpeper National Cemetery in Culpeper, Virginia, however the pallbearers were denied access by the U.S. Army because they refused to remove their swastika armbands...
11. Jim DeChamp Jim DeChamp Self, Nitro Circus: The Movie
12. K. Gordon Murray K. Gordon Murray Producer, Shanty Tramp
13. Irene Delroy Irene Delroy Actress, Oh, Sailor Behave!
14. Victor Zimmerman Victor Zimmerman Actor, Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
15. Cleo Madison Cleo Madison Actress, Eleanor's Catch Cleo Madison began her career with a theatrical company in Santa Barbara, California, in 1910. She stayed with the company for several years, and the troupe made the rounds of vaudeville and the theater circuit. Returning to California, and tired of touring, she decided to get into the motion picture business and secured work at Universal Pictures...
16. Mary Bovard Mary Bovard Actress, Women in Hiding
17. Arthur Hughes Arthur Hughes Actor, The Great Gatsby
18. Elbert Hubbard Elbert Hubbard Writer, A Message to Garcia
19. Ashley Christopher Ashley Christopher Actress, Harvey Putter and the Ridiculous Premise
20. Nicholas Jamison Nicholas Jamison Miscellaneous Crew, Man of Steel
21. Rachel Crothers Rachel Crothers Writer, Splendor
22. Tim Drummond Tim Drummond Music Department, Streets of Fire
23. Jessica Spaid Jessica Spaid Actress, What's the Occasion
24. Margaret Illington Margaret Illington Actress, The Inner Shrine
25. Brandon Kane Brandon Kane Producer, Weed: Or, A Cancer in the Community
26. Albert Beich Albert Beich Writer, Dead Ringer
27. Mikey Kelch Mikey Kelch Actor, Hello, I Must Be Going Mikey Kelch was born on July 1st 1987, in Bloomington, Illinois. During High school Mikey played football and made short films. After a brief college football career at Truman State University, he decided to come back to his home town. As of may 2009 Mikey is working for state farm insurance.
28. Aaron Rowland Aaron Rowland Director, Disorder
29. Henry W. Petrie Henry W. Petrie Soundtrack, The Savages
30. Ellalee Ruby Ellalee Ruby Actress, Howdy, Broadway
31. Robert Rave Robert Rave Producer, Cariocas: Blame it on Rio Robert Rave, a former New York City-based publicist, has worked on numerous public relations campaigns and high-profile special events in the lifestyle, fashion, nightlife, and entertainment industries. After retiring from the business of "spin," Rave started writing full time and currently resides in Los Angeles. Spin, from St. Martin's Press, is his first novel.
32. Hawley Ades Hawley Ades Music Department, Episode #3.26
33. Phillip Stearns Phillip Stearns Uncategorised
34. Bill King Bill King Actor, Inside Moves
35. Jared Alcorn Jared Alcorn Actor, Weed: Or, A Cancer in the Community
36. Mike Wilson Mike Wilson Thanks, Snitch
37. Stephanie E. Christopher Stephanie E. Christopher Actress, The Dork of the Rings
38. Pete Elliott Pete Elliott Self, Memorial Stadium: True Illini Spirit
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