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1. Andy Clyde Andy Clyde Actor, The Real McCoys Andy Clyde's more than 40-year film career started on the vaudeville stages and music halls in his native Scotland in the 1920s. He made his way to Hollywood and began as an extra in Mack Sennett comedies, but he was soon moved up to featured player, usually the sidekick or second banana to the lead...
2. George Anton George Anton Actor, Alien: Isolation
3. Isla Cameron Isla Cameron Actress, The Innocents
4. David Clyde David Clyde Actor, The Scarlet Claw
5. Andy Clark Andy Clark Actor, The Da Vinci Code
6. Jean Clyde Jean Clyde Actress, Marigold
7. Sheila Stewart Sheila Stewart Actress, Blackbird
8. Hamish Henderson Hamish Henderson Actor, Play Me Something
8 names.