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1. David Thewlis David Thewlis Actor, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban David Thewlis was born David Wheeler in 1963 in Blackpool, Lancashire, to Maureen (Thewlis) and Alec Raymond Wheeler, and lived with his parents above their combination wallpaper and toy shop during his childhood. Originally, he came to London with his band Door 66, however he changed his plans and entered Guildhall School of Drama...
2. John Mahoney John Mahoney Actor, Primal Fear John Mahoney is an award-winning American actor who was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, England. The seventh of eight children, Mahoney's family had been evacuated to the sea-side resort to avoid the Nazi bombing of their native Manchester. The Mancunian Mahoneys eventually returned to Manchester during the war...
3. Janet Munro Janet Munro Actress, The Day the Earth Caught Fire As Disney's lively lass Katie O'Gill she was the freshness of spring. She could inspire you to dance a jig through a field of flowers. Her entrancing green eyes and catchy spirit had that kind of life-affirming effect. Cute, spunky, almond-eyed British actress Janet Munro was deemed to be an actress...
4. Peter Chelsom Peter Chelsom Director, Serendipity
5. Pauline Moran Pauline Moran Actress, The Woman in Black
6. Tania Mallet Tania Mallet Actress, Goldfinger Tania Mallet was born in the seaside resort of Blackpool, England. She took a course at Lucy Clayton's School Of Modelling, and started working as a model at just 16 years old. In 1963 she was considered for the role of the lead Bond girl in From Russia with Love , but she didn't get it. However, the following year she was cast in the next Bond film...
7. Chris Wiggins Chris Wiggins Actor, Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
8. Hayley Tamaddon Hayley Tamaddon Actress, Episode #1.8478
9. Tim Barlow Tim Barlow Actor, Les Misérables
10. Robert Smith Robert Smith Soundtrack, American Psycho Robert James Smith was born 21 April 1959 in Blackpool Lancashire, England to Alex and Rita Smith. He was the third of four children (Richard, 12 July 1946, Margaret, 27 February 1950, and Janet, 30 August 1960). Robert lived in Blackpool until he was three and then his family moved to Horley, Surry...
11. Carol Royle Carol Royle Actress, Waxwork
12. Cathryn Bradshaw Cathryn Bradshaw Actress, Venus
13. Steve Barker Steve Barker Director, Outpost
14. John Sumner John Sumner Actor, District 9 Having lived in England and South Africa (Cape Town) John arrived in New Zealand with his family at the age of 9. "They totally opposed apartheid, so we left." He started his career in Auckland at 19 performing live on Auckland's nightclub circuit. Within a few months he was appearing in local variety television shows and gaining a solid local following...
15. Barney Harwood Barney Harwood Actor, The Legend of Angry Pants' Gold
16. Graham Nash Graham Nash Soundtrack, Up in the Air
17. Zoë Ball Zoë Ball Self, Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor
18. Jacqueline Leonard Jacqueline Leonard Actress, Chaplin
19. Keith Marsh Keith Marsh Actor, Scrooge
20. Jodie Prenger Jodie Prenger Self, Episode #13.213
21. Lennie Bennett Lennie Bennett Self, Episode #3.6
22. Patrick Keiller Patrick Keiller Director, Robinson in Space
23. Bunny May Bunny May Actor, All You Need Is Cash
24. Pat Astley Pat Astley Actress, Don't Open Till Christmas A minor, but always fun to watch, sexploitation starlet. Pat Astley grew up in the seaside town of Blackpool, Britain's 'Las Vegas of the North'. By the early 1970s Astley, with a baby daughter in tow, relocated to London in pursuit of fame and fortune. She drifted into 'blue movies' (i.e. hardcore shorts) made by John Lindsay and George Harrison Marks...
25. Frank Atkinson Frank Atkinson Actor, Great Expectations
26. Stacey McClean Stacey McClean Self, S Club Search
27. Paul Davies Paul Davies Sound Department, The Jacket First became interested in sound design through a passion for electronic music. Ran a small music studio in the mid-eighties, based in Cardiff South Wales. Through this became involved in the local film making scene. Enrolled in the sound department of the UK's National Film and Television School in 1988...
28. Ashley Lloyd Ashley Lloyd Actor, Gingerclown
29. Chris Lowe Chris Lowe Self, Cubism: Pet Shop Boys in Concert - Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City Christopher Sean Lowe was born on October 4th in Blackpool, Lancashire. In 1976, Chris played trombone in a seven piece dance band wittily named One Under The Eight, who played old-time popular favourites like "Hello Dolly", "La Bamba", and "Moon River". In 1978, Chris went to Liverpool University to study architecture...
30. Joan Savage Joan Savage Actress, Episode #1.9
31. Johnny McCaffery Johnny McCaffery Actor, Episode #9.8
32. Ian Levine Ian Levine Self, The Joy of Disco
33. Gary Miller Gary Miller Soundtrack, Thunderbirds
34. Alistair Bell Alistair Bell Special Effects, TRON: Legacy
35. Daniel Whiston Daniel Whiston Self, The British Soap Awards 2006
36. Christian Sellers Christian Sellers Writer, More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead Christian Sellers is the author of 'The Complete History of the Return of the Living Dead' and the feature documentary 'More Brains: A Return to the Living Dead'. His first break came as a writer for the international horror magazine GoreZone, which he was a contributor for from 2007 until 2009. His work has also appeared in issues of Shock Horror and Paracinema...
37. Nick McCarthy Nick McCarthy Self, 9 Songs
38. Neal Gavyn Neal Gavyn Actor, Miracle Grow Neal Williams "Neal Gavyn" (born March 29, 1992) is a British actor. Gavyn first gained recognition as a mafia soldier in the crime, action comedy film Switch (2013). His first leading roles productions came with First Dates (2013), Dispossessed (2013), and New York Detective "Micky Waltz" in Jumping on Bad Water Beaudry (2013)...
39. Ilona Sekacz Ilona Sekacz Composer, Antonia's Line
40. Basil Kirchin Basil Kirchin Composer, The Abominable Dr. Phibes
41. Raine Davison Raine Davison Actress, Episode #1.2995
42. Rebecca Flint Rebecca Flint Self, Beckii: Schoolgirl Superstar at 14 Beckii Flint resided in the Isle of Man and attended Ramsey Grammar School. The daughter of a policeman and a former dance instructor, Flint became interested in anime and manga at the age of 11, when she first started reading Fruits Basket. She began posting videos on YouTube under the name "xBextahx" (from a nickname she had when she was younger) dancing to Japanese pop and anime songs...
43. Jeff Hall Jeff Hall Actor, Twelfth Night or What You Will
44. Mark Norris Mark Norris Thanks, BMB Spoony Experiment: Tekken
45. Ben Muir Ben Muir Actor, Roy Chubby Brown: Exposed
46. Richard Suart Richard Suart Actor, The Parson's Pirates
47. Curtis Jobling Curtis Jobling Writer, Raa Raa the Noisy Lion
48. Annie St John Annie St John Self, Detectives
49. Marc Fleetwood Marc Fleetwood Editor, Endz Justifies the Means
50. Damian Eadie Damian Eadie Producer, Countdown: One Last Consonant Please, Carol
1-50 of 68 names.