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1. Ian McShane Ian McShane Actor, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides From a lawless, foul-mouthed saloon owner in "Deadwood" to a tough no-nonsense British gangster in "Sexy Beast," Ian McShane has virtually cornered the market on playing rogues, villains and all-around bad asses. A natural at portraying complex anti-heroes and charismatic heavies, the classically trained actor was born in Blackburn...
2. Steve Pemberton Steve Pemberton Actor, Mr. Bean's Holiday Born in Blackburn, Steve Pemberton graduated from Bretton Hall Drama College with a BA (Hons) in Theatre Arts. As well as being a quarter of the award-winning comedy team The League of Gentlemen, his previous work has centred mainly around fringe theatre, being a founder member of 606 Theatre, and he has produced...
3. Michael Billington Michael Billington Actor, The Spy Who Loved Me
4. Michael Winterbottom Michael Winterbottom Director, 24 Hour Party People
5. Anthony Valentine Anthony Valentine Actor, Callan
6. Cat Simmons Cat Simmons Actress, The Bill
7. Kathleen Harrison Kathleen Harrison Actress, A Christmas Carol Although British actress Kathleen Harrison was born in 1892 in the Lancashire town of Blackburn, she was fondly known for her cockney characters throughout her career. Trained for the stage at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art she first married and lived overseas in Argentina for nearly eight years...
8. David Ross David Ross Actor, The Green Green Grass David Ross is a British actor from Blackburn, Lancashire. He is most known for his work in television series, where he has enjoyed a lengthy career. He has also appeared stage productions and films. David Ross' most famous role was that of Kryten during his first appearance on comedy series Red Dwarf and he was also the one who provided the voice for the Talkie Toaster on the same show...
9. Anthony Green Anthony Green Actor, London's Burning
10. Frank Moorey Frank Moorey Actor, Love Actually
11. Wendi Peters Wendi Peters Actress, Coronation Street
12. Madge Hindle Madge Hindle Actress, Nearest and Dearest
13. Russell Harty Russell Harty Self, The Kids Are Alright
14. Matt Taylor Matt Taylor Self, Breakfast
15. Margaret Bert Margaret Bert Actress, Vengeance Valley
16. Barry Gray Barry Gray Composer, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons Although many reference sources inexplicably give Barry Gray's year of birth as 1925, he was in fact born John Livesey Eccles in Blackburn on 18 July 1908. His father John Haworth Eccles was a stationery traveller by profession, but both parents were said to be musically talented, and John Junior went to study at the Royal Manchester College of Music and at Blackburn Cathedral...
17. Karen Kay Karen Kay Self, Blankety Blank
18. Julian Molinero Julian Molinero Director, Medusa: Tinkerbell Julian Molinero was raised in Blackburn, Lancashire, UK and formed the rock band Medusa, for which he is best known, whilst still at school at the age of fourteen. Molinero is of half English, half Spanish origin and has directed music videos for Medusa as well as being the sole songwriter and creative force for the band.
19. Carl Fogarty Carl Fogarty Self, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!
20. Jack Meakin Jack Meakin Actor, Pals for Life Jack Meakin was born 27th July 1996 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England. After graduating High School in 2012 he went on to study a diploma in childcare at St. Mary's College in Blackburn before later going on to study Acting at Preston College. As of September 2016 Jack began his Professional training at The University Of East London.
21. Lewis Allcock Lewis Allcock Actor, Young Hunters: The Beast of Bevendean
22. Herbert Ramskill Herbert Ramskill Actor, Emmerdale Farm
23. Tony Davis Tony Davis Self, The Spinners
24. Christine Walkden Christine Walkden Self, The One Show
25. Joan Fairfax Joan Fairfax Actress, The Wayne and Shuster Hour
26. Jane Fearnley Jane Fearnley Actress, The Black Stork
27. Philip Dewhurst Philip Dewhurst Philip was born to parents Susan Mary Heys and Philip Andrew Dewhurst on the 24th November 1983. First of two children (sibling Amy Dewhurst born 1987) Philip was raised in Accrington famous for the Accrington pals of the first World War. He attended St Annes and St Joesephs RC primary school and was a popular child amongst pupils and teachers...
28. H.B. Parkinson H.B. Parkinson Producer, Trapped by the Mormons
29. Ian Smith Ian Smith Producer, A Very British Cover-Up Ian Smith was born in Blackburn, Lancashire. Studied design at Blackburn College before moving to the International Film School Wales at University of Wales Newport. Ian formed communications company Basics before moving to the BBC Wales. Ian now works on Drama brands for the BBC as short form producer/director. Merlin, Ashes to Ashes, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures and Mistresses.
30. Craig Longhi Craig Longhi Cinematographer, In Bed with Medusa
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