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1. Álex de la Iglesia Álex de la Iglesia Director, El día de la bestia A spanish cult director, author of Day of the Beast (The Day of the Beast) and Acción mutante have their own very strong but small followings, and Dance With the Devil (Dance with the Devil) will go down in history as probably the weirdest Javier Bardem film ever made (it was released in the US only a few years before Before Night Falls)...
2. Jon Kortajarena Jon Kortajarena Actor, A Single Man
3. Asier Etxeandia Asier Etxeandia Actor, La novia
4. Terele Pávez Terele Pávez Actress, El día de la bestia
5. Pablo Berger Pablo Berger Writer, Snow White
6. Enrique Urbizu Enrique Urbizu Writer, The Ninth Gate
7. Miriam Martín Miriam Martín Actress, La noche del virgen
8. Kiko de la Rica Kiko de la Rica Cinematographer, Sex and Lucia
9. Goizalde Núñez Goizalde Núñez Actress, Los Serrano
10. Koldo Serra Koldo Serra Director, The Backwoods
11. Mariví Bilbao Mariví Bilbao Actress, Aquí no hay quien viva
12. Ibon Cormenzana Ibon Cormenzana Producer, Snow White He graduated at Bentley College (Boston) in Business Administration, majoring in Finance. Worked as a financial consultant for five years within Arthur Andersen at the offices of Houston, London and Barcelona, counseling the management from a number of companies from different sectors in their expansion strategies, searching of finance and the acquisition and valuation of different companies...
13. Aitor Mazo Aitor Mazo Actor, Ocho apellidos vascos
14. Andoni Gracia Andoni Gracia Actor, El habitante incierto
15. Tomás Blanco Tomás Blanco Actor, For a Few Dollars More At 18 he enlisted in the Foreign Legion in Morocco remained prominent through 21. After graduating, contact the theater environment, debuting professionally in Madrid in 1933 with the company Josefina Diaz. Then working on new companies: Maria Fernanda Ladrón de Guevara, Tarsila Criado and Carmen Echevarria and others...
16. Sergio Múñiz Sergio Múñiz Actor, Gorchlach: The Legend of Cordelia
17. Oskar Santos Oskar Santos Director, Zipi y Zape y el club de la canica
18. Leyre Berrocal Leyre Berrocal Actress, Entre vías
19. Elisabeth Larena Elisabeth Larena Actress, The Goddaughter, Part 2 Elisabeth was born in Bilbao, Spain, and grew up in various areas of Spain and Venice, Italy. She graduated from TAI, a Dramatic Arts School in Madrid and was then accepted into the Master's Program at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Elisabeth is a very accomplished actress, especially given her young age...
20. Iñaki Miramón Iñaki Miramón Actor, Gym Tony
21. Santi Ugalde Santi Ugalde Actor, Ocho apellidos vascos
22. José María Íñigo José María Íñigo Self, Hoy 14-15
23. Begoña Maestre Begoña Maestre Actress, Amar en tiempos revueltos Begoña left her home at age 18 to study dramatic arts. Since very young age she knew that she wants to act, and she stands in front the mirror playing roles. His two parents are photographers, and his siblings own restaurants. The actress Begoña Maestre was born on August 1, 1978 in the city of Baracaldo, in the province of Vizcaya...
24. Miguel de Unamuno Miguel de Unamuno Writer, La tía Tula Miguel de Unamuno was born at number 16 of the Ronda de Bilbao, in the neighborhood of Seven Streets. In 1900 he was appointed, with only 36 years old, president of the University of Salamanca for the first time, a post he came to hold three times. In 1921 he was appointed rector. His constant attacks...
25. Javier Alastruey Javier Alastruey Writer, AntiBasque
26. Maitane San Nicolás Maitane San Nicolás Actress, Sentir, no decir
27. Amaya Uranga Amaya Uranga Self, Tour d'Eurovision Born in Bilbao, in 1947, the eldest daughter of the Uranga's family has been one of the best Spanish singers worldwide recognized. From young age, she played the guitar and sang in school festivals along with her sisters Izaskum and Estibaliz in a trio called "Las hermanas Uranga". This group lasted for a while until they joined their brother Roberto...
28. Espido Freire Espido Freire Self, Likes
29. Javier Rebollo Javier Rebollo Director, Calor... y celos
30. Fernando Cebrián Fernando Cebrián Actor, Crónicas de un pueblo
31. Mikel Alvariño Mikel Alvariño Writer, Óscar desafinado
32. Carlos Díez Carlos Díez Costume Designer, Habitación en Roma
33. Rafael Ordorika Rafael Ordorika Actor, Dolores
34. Patxo Tellería Patxo Tellería Writer, Igelak
35. Begoña Muñoz Corcuera Begoña Muñoz Corcuera Production Manager, Carmina y amén.
36. Guiomar Puerta Guiomar Puerta Actress, Embarazados
37. Juan Xiol Juan Xiol Director, La extranjera
38. Tania Llasera Tania Llasera Self, La voz
39. Eneko Arcas Eneko Arcas Actor, Igelak
40. Matxalen de Pedro Matxalen de Pedro Actress, Mugaldekoak
41. Patxi Salinas Patxi Salinas Self, Pasapalabra
42. David González Rudiez David González Rudiez Director, 5 Seconds
43. Fernando Marías Fernando Marías Writer, La luz prodigiosa
44. Laura Iturregi Laura Iturregi Actress, Sector Zero4
45. Leire Ucha Leire Ucha Actress, Te doy mis ojos
46. Inge Martín Inge Martín Actress, Hermanos & detectives
47. Juan Bey Juan Bey Actor, Amar en tiempos revueltos
48. Lola Markaida Lola Markaida Actress, Platos sucios
49. Irune Manzano Irune Manzano Actress, Al salir de clase
50. Fito Cabrales Fito Cabrales Soundtrack, XI edición de los 'Premios de la música'
1-50 of 94 names.