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1. Pamela Baird Pamela Baird Actress, My Friend Flicka
2. Chris Rager Chris Rager Actor, Dragon Ball Z
3. Ronny Pearlman Ronny Pearlman Writer, The Barry Manilow Special
4. Kim Spradlin Wolfe Kim Spradlin Wolfe Self, Survivor
5. Bill Catching Bill Catching Stunts, Mean Streets
6. Anthony Pena Anthony Pena Actor, The Running Man Attended University of California at Santa Barbara where he played baseball and played football at Fullerton Jr. College then graduated from California State University at Fullerton with a degree in Comparative Literature and Southwest American History and a credential to teach secondary history. Taught high school and city college classes...
7. Cheryl Holliday Cheryl Holliday Producer, Martin Cheryl Holliday loves the booze. She was born in Texas sometime during the depression and migrated to California during the dustbowl. She is a career insomniac and loves Glenlivet on the rocks, and Ketel One Gimlets. This biography written by Cheryl Holliday during one of her frequent drunken late night binges.
8. Daniel Ramos Daniel Ramos Actor, 8 Seconds A former Texan born and raised in San Antonio and now residing in the Los Angeles area for the last decade, Daniel is a member of the respected Directors Guild of America as well as SAG/AFTRA. While studying Theatre Arts at Highlands High School he caught the acting bug and soon made his first TV appearance on "General Hospital" while shooting on location in Texas...
9. Pepe Aguilar Pepe Aguilar Self, The 8th Annual Latin Grammy Awards Born in San Antonio, Texas on August 7 1968 during a tour of his legendary parents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre. Singer, songwriter with global sales of over 12 million albums, Pepe Aguilar is today's the most recognizable voice in Latin music. Considered by critics of all major newspapers and...
10. Sharri Jones Sharri Jones Actress, Potnah Sharri Jones aka Sharri Ana Natalia was born July 29, 1989 in San Antonio, Texas. She is African American and Creole Indian. Sharri moved to New York on her own right after graduating from Fox Tech High School - Law Academy. Started going to college at the age of 16. The young actress almost got her break when she was cast in Friday Night Lights to play Booby Miles (Derek Lukes)girlfriend...
11. Sammy Vaughn Sammy Vaughn Actor, The Young Animals
12. Svea Macek Svea Macek Costume and Wardrobe Department, I Spit on Your Grave
13. Francisco Ortega Francisco Ortega Actor, Hit Lady
14. Roxane Alexander Roxane Alexander Actress, Fifteen
15. Nancy Garrido Nancy Garrido
16. Joy Willard Joy Willard Actress, Project Aether Joy Willard (born December 10, 1984) is an American actress born in San Antonio, Texas. Joy started her acting career on the stage, performing in such notable productions and "Oklahoma" and "Guys and Dolls." From the stage, she turned to film - both in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Joy's talent has earned her roles internationally on stage and in film...
17. Kyle Dison Kyle Dison Kyle Dison is a baseball agent that has represented two first round draft picks as well as many other top picks in the First Year Player Draft. He became a managing partner with Xclusive Sports Management in 2008 where he was a partner until 2014. He is now a certified agent for the Society Baseball Group. The Sons of Summer will be his first producing role in the motion picture industry.
18. Janet Cooke Janet Cooke Self, Disappeared
19. John Touchstone John Touchstone Actor, Across Five Aprils
20. Richard Allen Waite Richard Allen Waite Director, Birds of a Feather
21. Lannis Temple Lannis Temple Actor, Dads
22. Mariscela Beatriz Mendez Mariscela Beatriz Mendez Camera and Electrical Department, Fast Food Nation
23. John Lang Sinclair John Lang Sinclair Soundtrack, Glory Road
24. Sherry Thurig Sherry Thurig Actress, Attack of the Jurassic Shark
25. Dusty Wolfe Dusty Wolfe Self, WWF Challenge
26. Jessi Bonneville Jessi Bonneville Actress, A Dream of Color in Black and White
27. Michael Anthony Rodriguez Michael Anthony Rodriguez Self, The Hunt for the Texas 7
27 names.