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1. Howard Petrie Howard Petrie Actor, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
2. Guy Ferland Guy Ferland Director, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
3. John Chase John Chase Writer, Officer Down
4. Matthew Eriksen Matthew Eriksen Actor, Cantabridgia
5. Patrick Pitu Patrick Pitu Actor, Joy Patrick was born on the North Shore of Boston. He began his career in Boston and later moved to New York City where he studied with legendary acting coach, Wynn Handman, and performed on the improv comedy stages of the Upright Citizens Brigade.
6. Arthur Hanson Arthur Hanson Actor, They Came to Cordura
7. Maeve Power Maeve Power Actress, Black Mass
8. Matthew Bradley Matthew Bradley Miscellaneous Crew, Edge of Tomorrow
9. Sean Bradley Sean Bradley Producer, Asperger's Are Us
10. Michael J. Mantsourani Jr. Michael J. Mantsourani Jr. Director, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
11. Trinity Rose Trinity Rose Actress, Psychosis
12. Esther Earl Esther Earl Self, Vlogbrothers
13. Philip Wylie Philip Wylie Writer, When Worlds Collide
14. Max Wylie Max Wylie Writer, The Flying Nun
15. Bill Varney Bill Varney Sound Department, Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
16. James P. Mercurio James P. Mercurio Producer, March Jim grew up in, New Castle, a small town north of Pittsburgh in a blue-collar Italian family which might explain why his favorite film is Bicycle Thieves. He met Max Von Sydow in Ann Arbor and regrets not asking him for a cameo in his dream project: a sequel to Three Days of the Condor starring Ed Norton...
17. Thomas Chalifour Thomas Chalifour Camera and Electrical Department, Kitchen Cousins
18. Porter Emerson Browne Porter Emerson Browne Writer, A Fool There Was
19. Sir Alexander Winchester Sir Alexander Winchester Director, Sweet Lilian
20. Natasha Ashworth Natasha Ashworth Actress, The American Ruling Class
21. Fred Ashworth Fred Ashworth Self, Hiroshima
22. Will Barnet Will Barnet Thanks, A Sobbing of the Strong-The Passion of Our Father Abraham in Three Acts
23. Catherine Cena Catherine Cena Self, John Cena: Word Life
24. Timothy Cavaretta Timothy Cavaretta Miscellaneous Crew, Family Plots
25. David McWane David McWane Actor, We Gatta Eat!
26. Matthew Sniegoski Matthew Sniegoski Editorial Department, Criss Angel Mindfreak
27. Matthew Smith Matthew Smith Actor, The Barretts of Wimpole Street
28. Eric J. Mueller Eric J. Mueller Producer, Clown
29. Isaac Baker Woodbury Isaac Baker Woodbury Soundtrack, Gone with the Wind
30. Wilmon Menard Wilmon Menard Writer, 6,000 Enemies
31. Jeffrey Bachmann Jeffrey Bachmann Transportation Department, The Voyage of the Mimi
32. Ed Brillant Ed Brillant Animation Department, A Very Wompkee Christmas
33. Graham Barnard Graham Barnard Producer, Generation 01 Born in Beverly, Massachusetts, and raised in Ocala, Florida to a thoroughbred racing family, Barnard broke from the family traditions and pursued a career in broadcasting and theater. Following a successful stint as producer, writer, entertainment reporter and host in Nasvhille, Tennessee, he relocated to Los Angeles...
34. Nelson Ryland Nelson Ryland Editor, Freakonomics
35. Benjamin Swicker Benjamin Swicker Director, The Dissolving Man
36. Timothy Frascone Timothy Frascone Miscellaneous Crew, Remember Me
36 names.