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1. Anna Maxwell Martin Anna Maxwell Martin Actress, Philomena The rather striking Anna Maxwell-Martin is a rising star on both stage and screen. Anna had dreamed all her life of becoming actress even though her family had no background in the arts whatsoever. She starred in school plays and an acclaimed production of "Breezeblock Park" in the role of Betty. At the age of 20 she auditioned for the prestigious Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art...
2. Jemma McKenzie-Brown Jemma McKenzie-Brown Actress, High School Musical 3: Senior Year Jemma McKenzie-Brown was born on June 2nd 1994 in the town of Beverly in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. From the age of five she made her parents watch her perform Spice Girls routines, singing and dancing around the house. When Jemma saw an advertisement for the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London...
3. Ken Annakin Ken Annakin Director, Battle of the Bulge A former salesman and journalist, Ken Annakin got into the film industry making documentary shorts. His feature debut, Holiday Camp, was a comedy about a Cockney family on vacation. It was made for the Rank Organization and was a modest success, spawning three sequels, all of which he directed. He worked steadily thereafter...
4. Joby Blanshard Joby Blanshard Actor, Doomwatch
5. Victoria Adilman Victoria Adilman Actress, Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story
6. Hayley Young Hayley Young Makeup Department, G.O.D.Tech
7. Matthew Hamby Matthew Hamby Producer, Subject 13 Since watching Wes Craven's 1984 'A Nightmare On Elm Street' at the early age of 7 Matthew become hooked on cinema and film. His early work included numerous music videos for, Beyond all Reason and Ice House Project. Since then he has turned his attention to writing, producing and directing. His first Producer role came on the award winning short film...
8. Matthew Cooke Matthew Cooke Cinematographer, Another Love
9. Denton De Gray Denton De Gray Actor, It Happened in Athens
10. Holly Butler Holly Butler
11. Tamsin O'Connor Tamsin O'Connor Actress, Kiss
12. James D. Thompson James D. Thompson Actor, Tanner
13. Richard Jobling Richard Jobling Actor, Tanner
14. Julius Royston Julius Royston Actor, A Kract Affair
15. Paul Robinson Paul Robinson Self, Goal! III
15 names.